BPF Party will nominate a presidential candidate.

With all of this in the resolution of the Sejm said that the party perceive the role in defining a candidate "only if the decision procedure for the determination of one of the candidate will be taken by consensus of all actors who propose their own candidates for one candidate from the United Democratic Forces. "
Vice-chairman Mikhalevich BPF and BPF member Yuri Khadika already expressed willingness to be self- presidential candidates from the party. In an interview with Freedom Mihalevitch said:
"BPF Party made certain findings of the companies in 2001 and 2006. In 2001, the party without any criterion without signing supported Seeds Domash in 2006 Party supported Milinkevich. Views on management of the BNF, it is necessary todo Likely to the negotiating positions of the party were very decent. This requires have theirof the candidate, with which I agree, too. But my personal opinion that Milinkevich meets the requirements that BNF was put forward and pushes. He ideologically close to our party. So in future elections to fight for real power, and not to make technical candidate, you must allocate those who are already well known and popular.
My personal nomination own goal, so if not for the coming elections, the party through one election candidate was informative and could really fight for power. "

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