Brest power declares war on graffiti

Theme rooms "Belgazeta" — Alexander Kozulin. Weekly contains an interview that he gave a political prisoner on the way to the colony. Deputy head editor Victor Martinovich reflects the role played by sovereign Kozulin for a day or three of these in the wild:
"I note that this role is a consolidated, that some rebel militants from some street for a day or three of these that he almost reincarnated in another Teran he did not criticize the opposition, he refrained from commenting on the address of their own colleagues the party, he has consolidated all. "
"Bel" Taxi publishes an interview of the famous Russian TV journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov. "Authority in the Russian Federation, in Belarus — dark box — said Kiselev. — What decisions are made inside the urn itself, as they are analyzed at the design stage — nobody knows. Because why Alexander Lukashenko has shown mercy by releasing of several opposition bullpen releasing Alexander Kozulin at his wife’s funeral — nobody knows. Maybe it’s the realization of another script … "
Weekly "Belarusians and Market" also devotes a significant portion of materials Alexander Kozulin. About other topics: "Who beat: Medvedev or Putin?" The article compares the sociological data of the municipal center of the All-Russian public opinion research and self-contained Fund "Public opinion" either Dmitry Medvedev will score more votes than Vladimir Putin in 2004, whose forecast is close to reality? Political columnist of the weekly Pavljuk Bykovskii:
"This only intrigue on Russian elections. Political analyst Denis Melyantsou commented that the value of this will be Belarus. In his view, Medvedev has recently just hands will not reach Belarus, because such things are not cool. "
"Evening Brest". "The town must enter a state of emergency." Authority declares war unauthorized graffiti. The last straw was a diversion graffiti on a restored section of the street Russian. "Petskuny" not only violated the Administrative Code, and the unwritten code of honor graffiti, whereby not exposed to paint monuments, new buildings and cars. At a meeting of the executive committee offered a variety of measures of control to control who sells and who buys the paint spray, make ambushes, patrols, aggressively punish graffiti.

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