Brest: representatives of the democratic forces were removed from court

"The arbitrator is sitting in his office, clarifies that there space is not enough, people — closely — said, "Freedom" Vitaly Symanyuk, which also removed from the session referee Alexander Berazyuk.
According to the source, the entire group of activists sent at this point in the regional tribunal to challenge the judge’s decision Berazyuka. Vitaly Symanyuk says that in building the Leninsky district court of Brest are now available room, one of which could be used for the meeting.
Now Denis Turchanyak Inga Abramova, Jeanne and Sergei Abramov Vakulenko suing policemen Leninsky district police department of Brest. Applicants believe that on December 13 2007 their illegally not allowed at the hearing against the other opponent Andrei Sharenda.
Brest human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin believes that as December 13, and now broken people’s rights for a disk imaging, provided the relevant articles of the International Covenant on civilian and political rights, as the Constitution of Belarus.

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