Bureaucrats: Once a week only in Belarusian!

Ideological structures in Brest manages executive committee chairman of the respective control Alexander Rogochuk. Here’s what he said, especially for "Freedom":
"I like a bureaucrat, and the staff did not want to watch nerds when the native language juicy unable to respond, as in this case.’s The basic plot. There is nothing revolutionary in general not. A desire to rise to the newest bar in their own development."
According to Alexander Rogachuka, day Belarusian language will be determined by a bit later. Currently bureaucrats engaged in self-education.
"We all employees have the Belarusian language. Just not enough practice language. We teach gently, slowly. And I’m sure that if in six months you call me again, I’ll answer questions on the charming Belarusian language."
Perceive the initiative as head ideologue in the region? Their observations divided Victor Syritsa from Baranovichi:
"When attending a public institution, we always talk only in Belarusian. And because to me the absolute most of the officials as they say on the whiteRussian language. For example, I know perfectly well the Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Leonid Tsuprik. It also has the Belarusian language. Once even attended meetings of the Belarusian Language Society. "
On present day in the ideological vertical Brest has 111 full-time officials. Another 242 — Alternate Governors on ideological work in enterprises and institutions. In addition, concurrently responsible for the promotion of state ideology more than 2-thousand people.
Outlook chairman TBM Oleg Trusova:

Oleg Trusov"At this point in the field, thankfully, is a substitution of leading cadres. Those Russian chiefs who could not tolerate Everything Belarusian, retire. In their place, people come in 40-45 years. But kids Belarusian adjustment. They know the language. Ideologues because it felt. And they understand that if you want to stay on your own post, then all the same need to vorachivatsya language. "

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