Buried near Minsk Ira Kozulin

"Alexander Kozulin said nothing about politics"

Then fate led to find their last refuge Kazulina Ira, from which came a few hundred people to say goodbye. The singing of the church choir coffin was carried out of the hearse. After several prayers priest Vladislav Zavalniuk proposed to say about Ira Kazulina farewell.

It made Alexander Kozulin himself. He read about his own love for his wife, her selflessness and that his example she helped people to live and fight for life.

Alexander Kozulin said not a word about politics. In some moments, he wept, and listening to him, wept and the people around. When looked out the sun, Alexander Kozulin said that nature is happy for Ira, which in heaven is better than on the ground.

Let the All-Powerful God will give to you, our sister, Ira, drink endless source of life
20 more minutes went bye. Under the mourning chants came to the tomb of the deceased mother and father, her daughters, other relatives and 10s who believed Ira Kazulina other thinker.
The coffin was closed and was being lowered into the grave. "Let the All-Powerful God will give to you, our sister, Ira, drink endless source of life" — these words of the priest under Vladislav Zavalniuk coffin was lowered into the grave.
People started to throw in the grave three handfuls yellowish ground. Later went to work gravediggers, and after 10 minutes at the grave of Ira Kazulina was a mountain of flowers and wreaths.

People’s Artist Zinaida Bondarenko
said for Radio Liberty:


As I understand, she wrote a book. I think the book will see the world — with her advice, her advice how to keep those who are unwell
They say, there it will be easier. But to accept that it will be difficult, because it was the support the whole family. And at the moment is to survive Mr. Alyaksandr posodeystvuyut their beautiful daughter. It was evident with what warmth they treated it as protected her quiet, so she did a regime that helped her to continue this life on earth.

Evening restaurant in Minsk " The Golden Age "

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