Businessmen protest again

Favourite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev recalled that the decision to go now to the area was adopted by the participants of the meeting on 21 January. Gorbachev believes that no matter what, even small, the action leads to the power of terror:
"Number 21 on the square was more 2-thousand people. They decided that we meet on the 18th, to discuss this dilemma. If the masses accept it, then they should perform it. Even if it is with the fewest. Just that people spend a little tired of these shares. Nothing terrible, better get ready to follow — 25 March. "
Favorite republican public association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka said, nowshnyaya action — the decision of businessmen. And "Perspective" respects this decision:
"Street actions — this is the only method to declare their own dilemmas. Indeed the government is unwilling or hear businessmen. And tribute to letters does not respond properly. But in order to street protests had some resonance effect — they must be obmyslennymi, efficient, and most importantly — weight. And fit the constitution of the Republic of Belarus. mass solidarity is able to protect their interests. Especially since, that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. "
Board member of the Belarusian Union of businessmen Potupa expresses a very negative attitude to the decree number 760 and its consequences:
"The fact that these outputs on the square, rallies and marches in the center of town there were — of course, lies with the authorities. But our position is that these shares will not lead to positive results. And the fact that around 70 arrests past actions, and have instituted criminal case — we are very concerned about this, because people are most severely affected. "
Yesterday evening police arrested four businessmen from Reins Victor Kryval. They brought him home now summons at 9 am "to survey the material inspection." But they forced the emperor Kryval immediately follow them to the police. At this point, Liberty correspondent contacted him by phone
"Driven. I a vest sports trousers and slippers."
Later phone sovereign Kryval not answer, but the police refused to clarification.
Baranavichy five business now due to the tribunal. They applied to hold a rally in the center of town on February 11. Authorities it was not allowed, but entrepreneurs gathered illegally. Nicholas Chernous must come now to the tribunal and 9 hours. On the actions of the authorities, he said,
"They are afraid, and why they have caused to the tribunal — to knock this appetite. Why do they constantly ask: will go, how many people will travel to Minsk? You need to go, need to climb."

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