Businessmen threaten to put up tents on the square

Stock information is distributed to a greater extent on the Web. Website businessmen human rights movement "Our Belarus" offers flyer before the rally. It speaks of determination "to fight for the freedom of business to complete victory."
Acting Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Businessmen Ales Makaeu said:
"People will come, just not clear how much. I do not expect a huge amount because it was not material. Apart from these actions will not be consolidation. Because this area do. Tents will try to deliver. If it works, then later people will a lot. And even if they intimidate us there and dispersed, then entrepreneurs will return there. I know it.

And even if they intimidate us there and dispersed, then entrepreneurs will return there

Many people angered many lost several thousand dollars. Tour stated that 92 thousand can not get a job. Requirement, as it was from the rally on December 10, Fri 1.1 cancellation of the decree number 760, and other decrees that contradict the constitution. That gave people work. "
Chairman of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev said that the main problem is not solved, since the decree number 760 remained.
"The pressure on businessmen felt. Consider the increase in tax rates are two to three times, people complain. This action will be announced to support the 25 th March. This authority forces out. It is not us, the power of states to leave the area and solve their problems this method. What will you more, they say, law enforcement officials, the faster dare problem. Because everything is depending on us. "
At a rally on February 18 in Minsk representatives are going to come from the regions. Businessman Salihorsk Alexander Tsatsura Pronunciation:

More than you will, they say, law enforcement officials, the faster the problem dares

"All those businessmen who drove virtually all go tomorrow. Subsequent to March 25, I think, in general, will go there a lot."
Businessman with market "Zhdanovichi" Jeanne Bolsun convinced that those who wish to find out about the campaign, the

Another method to declare that we are destroying NO

"Search other special shares were not. Because many are trying to adapt to the conditions that exist.
Every person must humiliate come out and say it. And we have something to show one — is to go to the square. Some other method, declare that we are destroying that humiliate us — another method we simply do not. Results see tomorrow. "

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