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Many of our listeners intrigued nedavneshnie action on Karl Marx Street in Minsk. Let me remind you: the city authorities want during reconstruction of the central part of the capital to forcibly evict residents of several houses of the street to the outskirts of town. Disgruntled inhabitants who eventually threaten relocation such large cash loss, reversing week took to the streets to protest.
Responded to the situation of our listeners Valery Griţuc from Minsk. In his letter to the "freedom" he writes:
"Managing Minsk wants to make the town center more modern and profitable. This — normally.
And in a huge apartment on this street live mostly pensioners and very often — alone.
Government everywhere has the right (at tribute compensation) for resettlement to the proposal such as living space. So why had this problem?
Noteworthy that earlier that residents of the city council deputies were not needed, these inhabitants did not protest when abolished regional councils of deputies. They are not interested in politics — and here she came to their house. They thought that their dictatorial power passes.
These old "poor" people have long can fulfill their apartment and buy much less elsewhere — says Valery Griţuc from Minsk. — And those of them who have purchased an apartment on Karl Marx "for 200,000 bucks" also let not sulk — they offer such apartments same area. A means they are still unfairly extracted.
Government and in other countries, even democratic, can force to implement the house. Because life does not stand still. Need to build new roads, build new buildings. Everyone knows that in the center of the capital of each land is expensive, and at first it is necessary for business offices or for "active rest."

But most importantly, the reconstruction projects in democratic countries and discusses the deputies, and the population in advance because there is democracy, "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Valery Griţuc from Minsk.
Private Radio Liberty reports more than once appealed to the subject of protests in Minsk dwellers Karl Marx Street and carefully spoke about the essence of the conflict. It’s not that the emperor Griţuc, people unwilling to recognize the needs of the town and shall be removed totally evicted from their homes. Or pay the government for selected apartments in accordance with their market price? Does it offer the owner as compensation for equivalent housing in the center of town? That’s absolutely logical questions that bother people. And rightly concerned. Everyone knows about the ordinary for Belarus opened: selecting a person or an apartment house in the center of town, instead of bureaucrats ultimaticheski offer a new building on the outskirts without any compensation.
Our listener Fyodor Laptev Latvian town of Yakabpilsa continues the conversation begun in the past by other programs our listeners — about compensation deceived investors to Russian Sberbank banku.Tsikavasts topic Belarus and other former republics of the Russian recovered after nedavneshnih news from Kiev that the Ukrainian government started paying such compensation to its citizens. In ethnic Belarusians Fyodor Laptev — own history of relations with Sberbank and Belarusian bureaucrats. In his letter to the "freedom" he writes:
"In Latvia I — from 59 years old, but always dreamed of going back to his native Belarus. Because in time and put 4000 Russian rubles BEAC book in the village Parichi in Gomel.
At the moment my 78 years, I am disabled. Looking for the next operation. Medicine we have is very expensive. So I began to appeal to the highest authorities of different Belarusian authorities to return my money. Sent less than three years, 19 different written appeals, including 8 — President Lukashenka. And all worthless. The answer is "no funds" How so? Ukraine significantly poorer than Belarus, and the people there money returned. Three times I asked that I be given the chance to meet with President Lukashenko. And three times I was denied, "- says Fyodor Laptev with Latvian Yakabpilsa. —
"I believe that the Belarusian authorities deliberately waits until we’re all dead. Oh, so the example of our family … younger brother died in 2006. Throughout his life he worked on the farm. Which penny was BEAC book — all gone. Sisters who 82 years old, was also a lifetime collective farm, had a thousand rubles. Also, apparently, did not wait for its own funds. What is this if not by the management beschalavechnasts Belarus? "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Fyodor Laptev Yakabpilsa out of town, from Latvia.
Not only you, sire Laptev — the hundreds of thousands of Belarusian people appear the same questions to the authorities. In the country in recent years, according to management, unprecedented economic growth — more than 10 percent a year. Where did podevalis income? Why are funds for numerous ice rinks, soccer arenas, luxury hotels and business centers — and no money for it to fulfill the country’s debt to the deceived citizens who have waited more than fifteen years, and many of them expect more simply can not?
Problem of language discrimination, squeezing the Belarusian language of public goods disturb our listeners Victor Eremeevich from Minsk. In his letter to the "freedom" he writes:
"With language neuvvyazkami across many nations of the world. But, for example, Bulgarians, despite the many centuries of assimilation under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire, were able to preserve their culture and language. Gypsies Even without his country, traveling the world, have not lost their language. Why we, Belarusians, reincarnated as a "local", "trasyanshchykav"?
Need to assist the mother tongue to take in our society dominant status. It would be nice to do on Radio Liberty talks with representatives of the embassies of the CIS, the Baltic countries, which would have told about their own experience of language revival, made the appropriate comparison of the language situation in Belarus, "- says Victor Eremeevich from Minsk. -" It should also hold meetings on this Related with Belarusian scientists, writers, zealots native word.
I think one of the main rusyfikatarav in Belarus — Russian Orthodox Church. With the support of the regime, its ability to have increased significantly. Religious buildings grow everywhere like mushrooms. Tolerant people praying for holy Russia on "United and mighty." Need to resist this invasion, Belarusian-transfer services, giving the opportunity to speak on the radio to the priests in the Belarusian language "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Victor Eremeevich from Minsk.
Thanks to you, sire Eremeevich for proposals. By linguistic dilemma we turn in our own program notes quite often. Historians, linguists, writers, politicians speak out on the subject in almost all programs — especially if there is the operational base.
Hardly correct your common reproaches adresok Orthodox believers who, as you write, "pray for holy Russia to" the great and mighty. "Why do not you admit that thousand and thousands of Belarusian Orthodox pray for their country — Belarus, their families and their loved ones? Well, with all this prayer is not pronounced in Russian and Church Slavonic. Though, of course, certain difficulties have you — this also applies to the language of worship, and the status of the Orthodox Church in Belarus.
At the end — a new letter from our friend davneshnego Paul Szasz Village of cankers Malorita district. The listener is aware of its own current pensiyanerskiya excitement and concern, which live and many other inhabitants of the village. Paul Szasz writes:
"I went not so long ago in the past own farm (and curre
ntly co-op)" Lyahovtsy "- check how many rejuvenate me worked on the farm. And there in the workbook noted that I was expelled from the farm still January 1, 2005 — in connection that Tipo not developed minimum and violated the charter of the kolkhoz. And me about it no one even said, and justify at the moment is something I can not …
But my zeal for justice is not suspend. Fought and will fight for freedom, and the truth will read all in the eye, "- says Paul Satz village of cankers Malorita district. -" Life is hard at the moment and becoming more complex. I think during the next presidential elections, the elderly and disabled Lukashenka does not support, albeit not count.
Many without the help of others to earn money are no longer able. Benefits taken away. Of acquired pension has 80 thousand. So choose either to buy shoes or teeth palitsu.Nya priobretesh warm boots for the money — would have to walk in the winter tires. Excellent, that although segodnyaschy winter — for the poor and warm. And so — lie on the stove and do not stick out of the nose. On trips to the physician has no means. Excellent in the summer of health allowed to earn slightly. Yes, I do not drink and do not smoke — and then save, "-

wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Paul Satz Village of cankers Malorita district.
Not an easy thing — to fight for the truth and the truth to read. Especially in malehankih village where a person feels a hundred percent dependent on the collective farm yes selsovetskogo superiors. Exposure for you and patience, sire Sats. And good health, so that the subsequent summer and had the opportunity to earn significantly less and depend on a small pension, and from the collective farm bosses.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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