By fasting Skrebtsov brothers joined Oleg Alkaev

"I support you in your fasting and join her. I think the apprehension, arrest and conviction Alexander Kozulin illegal. That pushed me to join your hunger strike," — said in an electric letter that Oleg Alkaev Sergej Skrabets.

And in an interview our radio Alkaev said:
"I always adherent constructive measures so to speak, external manifestations, not just condemnation ideas. I other methods of influencing Belarusian authorities, To be honest, I do not know. "

March 10 last MP House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets and his brother, Alexander began a hunger strike demanding the release of political prisoners.
Alkaev Oleg was born in 1952 in Kazakhstan. Over 30 years in the runtime system of penalties. Please 1990s moved from Kazakhstan to Belarus. He was chief of the detention center-1 in Minsk. One of the main witnesses in the case of the kidnapping of politicians. Emigrated to Germany, fearing revenge Belarusian secret services. Currently lives in Berlin. The creator of the book "Firing Squad."


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