C-300 to cool the ardor of Assad opponents

C-300 to cool the ardor of Assad opponents
In Syria received first party missile systems S-300. This information was officially confirmed by the president wrapped civilian war-torn country, Bashar Assad. On this, as the Syrian news agency said «Surya al-Ain,» he said in the interview «Al-Manar». Full record will be shown in the evening on May 30. Second batch of MANPADS arrive late, said Assad
How could change the military situation in Syria after receipt C-300, told the «Voice of Russia» chief editor of «Military-Industrial Courier» Misha Khodarenok.

— Receipt of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 (and should be considered, it is about the delivery of the 1st regiment of the package) will greatly enhance the military positions of President Bashar Assad. This is to a large extent can cool the ardor of those who are going to install any of Syria no-fly zones. In addition, the supply of these weapons systems is carried out on the previously signed agreements and in strict accordance with the regulations of interstate relations.

With regard to the ability of introducing no-fly zone, which is intended to introduce Americans over Syria, the United States will need to take into account that the supply of air defense missile systems S-300 is largely strengthen the air defense of Syria in general and anti-missile defense namely said Misha Khodarenok . «But since we are, I believe, is for the supply of the whole regiment of the 1st set, apparently, it will be located on the defense of some very fundamental object in Syria. Apparently, we can talk about the capital Damascus or other very fundamental municipal and military facilities, military command and control centers, «continues Khodarenok.

In his view, the victory of the militants in the near future seems increasingly dim. The only thing that can give them substantial assistance — is the supply of weapons from different states of the Euro Union. But without air support victory for all armed groups appears to be very problematic. By today’s standards, who dominates in the air — and he reigns on earth. No chance to defeat the regular army at this stage in the armed forces and there is no opposition. In fact, as soon as the balance is beginning to lean towards Bashar al-Assad.

Can not exclude the option strike Israel’s armed forces delivered by anti-aircraft missile systems. In addition, I would caution against a very exalted guest supply anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 is not as bad as it is adopted. This is a good weapon, and tactical and technical features it does not have global counterparts.

But the fact that the anti-aircraft missile system S-300 — this is just a link in building a modern air defense system, which should include fighter aircraft, electronic warfare, signals intelligence tools, reliable radar field.

In the end, only a passive defense against attacks those or other aggressors are unlikely to bring success. Country should possess offensive weapons and to strike airfields possible enemy aircraft, on ships, aircraft carriers, for the management or other objects of the enemy. Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 — it is not a magic wand. Naturally, this is a massive tool in order to strengthen the air defense of Syria, a change in power balance. But to regard them as a miracle I would caution.
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