Calls: Crime in our prosperous country grows

March 18, Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies. The Head of State has accused the "siloviki" in that they are inactive when the country appears political tension continues to escalate crime situation. According to Lukashenko, Belarus may be at the center of modern, increasingly tense situation. With all this he mentioned the situation in Kosovo and the deployment in Europe of parts U.S. missile defense system.
On this topic — our listener response:
Lady: "I regret learned from yesterday’s" paternal "performances that crime in our prosperous country grows inexorably. Pity just were not announced this background growth. They’re known. Roots crime, first, social: poverty is the main part of the population, legal officials with full autocracy and lawlessness bezabaronnastsi person in front of them, it alkagalizatsyya and moral degradation of the people, it is a situation in which conscientious work ceases to be a source of material well-being of the family and the ordinary and understandable laws are not working. What is surprising? "
On the last days of the chief prison number 1 in Minsk, political refugee O.Alkaev joined the hunger strike Alexander and Sergey Skrebtsov. Brothers Skrebtsov attain liberation of political prisoners. Calls to this topic:
Galina, Mogilev: "The Criminal Code contains an article about the criminal liability for persons promoting incitement to suicide. Everyone who contributed to the arrest, conviction and then to 5.5 years of Alexander Kozulin, should bear criminal acts for the Belarusian people who are hungry in the current time . Urgent Kazulina ensure freedom and thereby prevent loss of health hungry, and maybe their death. "
Alexander, Maladziechna: "That there were hunger strike hunger strike, it should be carried out according to certain rules spetsefichesky way. So at least some people can declare that it is starving. Skrabets you here doing PR, ALKAYEVA doing PR."
Listener responds last member of the House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets who once held a hunger strike:
"I find it hard to answer, since I do not know the rules, whereby held a hunger strike. If this man knows he could explain. We need to lock in a monastery? Or to put to us watchmen of Lukashenka’s team? Or any public figures should inspect our cool? What are the rules must be?
Maerchyk: "I remember the hunger strike, which had a deputy group" Respublika. "Then all were together."
"Then we have no each other not looking. When was necessary leave people out. If it was necessary to slowly eat something, people would eat. But the sense of political hunger strike is people agree not to not have in order to have someone look after them, as a symbol of solidarity with political prisoners. "
We continue to receive feedback on the event on March 2. To detain a drunken driver who was driving at high speed, the traffic police organized a human shield from their cars.
Man: "It has been a few days discusses the actions of employees of GAI. I one hundred percent agree with the fact that they were, to put it mildly, unprofessional. And I wish to add that instead of the real work — bringing order to the roads — razdimayutstsa ostentatious actions like "Everybody fasten Flickers!" And now behold, I heard the action "Took the velyasyped, put the vest." Certain commercial interests have excessive profits from this and sense — as with goat milk. Why should I attach this vest when I have to velyasypede already 5 svyatloadbivalnikav still were attached at the factory? Was in the same traffic rules useful change, so in the winter the car moving with the light on. Oh, you did not like the main policeman, and invent all sorts of action. But as pedestrians passed drivers justthey used to say on his cell while driving, and the same is done at the moment. Policies need to direct and not suck the thumb different actions. "
Now we got a call and:
Man: "Prompt and satellite frequency" Belsat ".
Pochetaemy listener, take applets that can channel via satellite "Astra". Features options: Astra 1 Kr position 19,2 ° east, horizontal polarization, frequency 10773 MHz.

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