Calls for freedom: These deputies, as at the moment, we do not need

Held in Minsk International Book Fair "Books of Belarus 2008". Student Freedom, visit his shares his impressions:
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "The pavilion publishing" Fiction "I asked," What do you want? "" I would be willing to buy a book by Vladimir Orlov, "From our family," book of poems Larissa Heniyush, Natalia Arsenyev. "The reply was that the publisher has not issued such books. Advised me to buy a book Charhinets, uttered:" New. "I said, I had Charhinets books, but I threw them in the trash. Later I went to the town hall in Vitebsk. books for kids. asked: "What do you want?" "What-nibudt our language." "It’s all in our language . "I made an objection:" You are all in Russian. "" And you want to Belarus? Condolences. "That’s the reality. Thanks for your attention."
Subsequent expression — on the elections to the House of Representatives to be held in Belarus This year.
Lady: "Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina said subsequent" If election fraud happens in fact, the streets will come deceived voters, because they see that their choice does not coincide with the announced fruits. " I receive a number of questions: how do we know that we are not fooled when counting votes observers are sitting at a distance of 15 meters? And between the observers and those who count the votes, there are two-three policemen. What can behold from a distance? It’s nothing.
With the formation of election commissions democratic parties also nominate their own people. But for some reason they do not fall into these commissions. You, Lydia M., the question of why this is so, replied: "Electoral Commission forms the local authorities." From here begins that falsification. Matched their people who in any case do "vote" for those candidates, which indicated above. Why vote 5 days in our compact Belarus? Everywhere vote and choose not only deputies, and presidents in the day. Why do we have at the ballot box ballot boxes since Stalin’s time, and not transparent? Also for rigging?
In our residential area very many seniors. And we are going to "kalyakaem" pro-life. And here we have concluded that such deputies as today’s meeting, we do not patrebnyya.Na elections, and even more on the street, we did not go. Lydia M., for your honesty you carried to the "dark lists of" banned in democratic countries? . "
Next listener asks:
Man: "We are called legal state. Which we legal government? What rights do we have? We have the right only to cold, hunger and death. Bolsheviks have Bolsheviks, as was 37 years old, and stayed. They want people were black, ignorant and just manage them. Until when will this happen, please tell me? "
Responsible political scientist and lawyer Yuri Chausov:
"In 1-x, I would refrain from trying to hang labels — who povinet that Belarus is not a legal state. Either that Bolsheviks or the Masons, or the Russians — no need to find the common answers. Regard to the activities of the legislation in Belarus, many citizens are faced with the fact that the law is written a certain right, but using it is unreal. And hell Belarus as a legal country — unfortunately, it’s just the words in the Constitution. Essentially Belarus — not the legal government. And it will take up to of the time, while in Belarus will not be so that the law and the law first one for all. "
Continue aaplet statements listeners on various other topics:
Anastas S.: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, good evening! Pochetaemy sovereign Stanislav Bogdanovich, yesterday you were on" Belsatse. "I am very proud of your performance and your answers. Thanks to you, saved the Republic of Belarus. Comrade Vyacheslav Kebich and his assistants were ready for 5 kopecks implement Belarus. Thanks to you, Stanislav Bogdanovich, you have not given their own consent Bolsheviks: Kebich and his assistant. On one issue, I disagree with you. It concerns Poznyak and Sergei Navumchyk. against you that they have gone abroad . have another way they were not. If they remained in Belarus, the result was such as Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Krasovsky and Zavadsky. Who from this better? Lives native Belarus! "
Lady: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom! "Now wait for a decent reception after 11 and later again to listen to the journey Dmitry Bartosik Berezinskoye talking Belarusian men as Dmitry said," politics. "Well, it’s just super! I’m serious! And about the transit of super 4-hour working funny day. Only Belarusian customs — a mish-mash standards noble, endless patience, intelligence and a resignation. And yet at some point have to leave the area Belarusians. All the best in their work. Thank you. "
Man: "I support Nina Yarmolinskaya Salihorsk is it must transfer this prazdnichek, Freedom day on March 23. It will just be a church Easter. Since the later people can not come from distant areas. And I do not live in Minsk. Nearby, the famous Nina Yarmolinskaya. I also go for a day Will, as in the past year. Only to pray to God, that was such a bright day, as in the past year on March 25. Long live Belarus! "

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