Capital arrows helps Belarusian village

At speeds under 100 km through the village flew "Lada". As usually fly on secondary roads. And suddenly hit a "speed bump". Crashing, screeching brakes and pads for the whole village behind. Then, "Lada" again picked up speed. To two hundred meters to descend on another 1st "policeman", even more abruptly. Again crashing, screeching, mat and a broken suspension.
From that time on all Kalodchyne drive carefully. But the "speed bumps" — is not the only magic in the village. Here long have forgotten about the dilemma blown bulbs or booming companies vacationers. Who is this benefactor, which makes life easier for people? Listen kalodchynskuyu lady. Spades:
"Our village was lucky. We immediately knew that he was such a name,. Rural ladies called him sir. He such a presentable, he paradachna. He adequate person, I simply bagatvaru. And the light, and asphalt. It is only because of him."

"This man sent by God to Kalodchyna. It solves all the issues. All village respects him. His chosen elder. Came vacationers and arranged here gallery. Resounding promenades. Not allowed to sleep old. Came Greenhouse and warned. Dibs If it says it is not reached. came as gas, so here calmed down. "

"I was asked after the Olympics." How do you assess the performance of our shooters? "I say," Poor. "Why? We drove to Montreal three people from Belarus. And they brought three medals. First, second and third place. Currently went seven people and did not bring any. How do you feel? "
Reporter: "And you, with your vast experience, do not want to recall for yourself?"Gases
"About me remember."
Past Olympic favorite looks with enthusiasm for the future of sport. Chinese sports. Gases:
"We have, for example, on the 1st arrow three-four contenders. And they chose the arrow of 6 thousand people. Do you think there are others to choose? We are not a lot of sports schools. And none of their high school not without sports profile. This previously tested, shooting someone in whom the post. And we actually do not have this. "
Village Kalodchyna not threatened with extinction. And the secret here in placing a village near Vileika reservoir. Land here is not only beautiful, but long is not available. Less than 15,000 bucks plots no. The houses here are built not typical. More wood, spacious estate. But, curiously, it is garbage cottage. It is precisely in order to have a great retirement. The indigenous inhabitants in Kalodchyne every year decreases. From the natural background. But Kalodchyna’s oldest resident, Anna ancient, rustic byazdetstsya reason sees not in the 60s, and 40s. Ancient:
"After the war, drove into collective farms, many people took to the light. Otymali it all. And trolley and cords, and sledges and plows and yokes, and horses, everything. AND hanged. And all was. My dad month, for sure , spent the night at home. "Let us hold. This life we are Kolhoznik name? "So taxed. All were taken to the farm."
Now talk with immigrants from Russia. Precisely ethnic Belarus with Smolensk. And more precisely — of Nest, near Katyn forest. Home couple Ivan da Tamara moved to Belarus long. But the memories of youth forever remain in the memory. Ivan:
"We organized in the Russian Union, it was the Germans did. Come excavations were done with the UN. And like bullets found a German. All this was a setup. And it was so. Unload them. Were the main priests and officers. People in one place thing to another. took them to the forest. Stroll rumored to be the farm, willing to do for the Poles. As if the government offered them. disagree. … And them there were some longish ditches. "
Reporter: "But it was revealed after the war." Ivan:
"The local inhabitants knew. Heard shooting. Where they were taken. Been fenced with wire stitching several rows. Another nearby there dugout. Were discussions that Hitler flew there in this dugout, and even the walking. And where they have destroyed, as was a couple of times . says mushrooms there are, but go for mushrooms there something unpleasant, where the corpses. Not enough, says that apart from the fact that the Poles beat, the beat of those who killed the Poles. "
It is not so long ago, "the Belarusian military newspaper" I read an article which once again proves that no NKVD in Katyn massacre case has not. What is the best proof — German liner. What are they all the same in their own unoriginal "confirmations". That in Katyn in Kurapaty. Listen Tamara.

"Of course. When the Germans came, they began in July, hot. Cheeky youth there, and my uncle was, the kingdom of heaven be his excavations did fetched corpses. And, as my uncle says there have found a few of our village. Not only the Poles suffered there, and got ours. Youth unearthed, it’s a nightmare, engaged in looting. Gold teeth were getting, some tried. I was a child, I just can not evidence. "
Reporter: "Hitherto, in the newspapers, that the Poles shot by the Germans. Not advice." Tamara:
"Tips. Why? If Poles were brought, we Gnezdovo station there. Cordon station was about two hundred meters. But kids can not keep. And discharged their funny day. And we kids still running there, still watching. I personally remember , on the one hand stands funnels for other things. ladder from the car. things thrown to one side, sit yourself in the other. Lude read that Mountain Goat, is so called Katyn forest, goats once were, uttered, that will make them the farm. Here they were brought there and made them "farm".
But I do not Kalodchyna left empty-handed. Here lives one of the best masters lazaplyatsennya, Sergei. His house — typical Art Museum. There are wicker and baskets and chairs and rugs, and tables, and even afitsyyantski trolley.

Sergei: "lighting, furniture can do, stools, tables, chairs, sofas, trestle, shezlengi, baby beds, screens, lampshades. I even made in Maladzechna people to marry on the wall, a portrait at their was a carpet on the wall with ornament. And they stuck in the middle of the portrait. Chests made wicker. Vacationers ordered bed, five by four meters. Make it was necessary so that there was no 1st bitch. Since inserted a water mattress. "
Reporter: "What! And this can be done? " Sergey:
"Yes. As they say, do not apply the water with a sieve. I can make a cup of twigs, you can drink from it."
Reporter: "You yourself have come to this was either a teacher?" Sergey:
"It was not. I autodidact."

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