Case Milan Kundera — continued

This accusation Kundera to the document, which was posted Czech press this week. In the Czech Republic there was evidence that the blame stavvits Kundera under oscillation.
Literary historian Zdenek Peshat argues that it is not Kundera denounced the security service in 1950 at the West Bohemian coated with an agent, and someone else.
Let us briefly recall what we have already reported on October 14.
Historian Adam Gradilak found in the archives of the Institute research totalitarian regimes document from which it follows that the March 14, 1950 Milan Kundera, 20-year-old student of the Graduate Film School in Prague, said intelligence agencies that spy Miroslav Dvorzhachak will spend the night in Ivah Militki (Their common friend) in a student dormitory. As a result, messages Kundera, according Gradilak, Dvorzhachak was arrested that day, and then sentenced to 22 years in jail. According to a document on arrival Dvorzhachka from Germany to Prague from Kundera vyznat Miroslav Dlaska, Man Ivah Militki.
So, here, October 15, 2008 Zdenek Peshat assured after reading of press materials about the alleged denunciation Kundera he recalled the episode just from the spring of 1950. By Peshata, who was then a third-year student of the Institute of Charles, his institute employee Miroslav Dlusskiy, said to him that he was going to say to the security service that in his maiden Ivah Militki going to sleep with a man of the West, the last Czech refugee, and now, can be an agent provocateur. By Peshata, Dlask wished to avoid persecution girls, if Dvorzhachka learned about power.
In evidence that Peshat dictated own wife and sent to the Czech media, he says that is terminally unwell person and constantly breathing apparatus. And so Peshat adds, he can not go anywhere or talk to anyone about the case.


Protocol alleged denunciation of Milan Kundera, photo from the website of the Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes

Examination Peshata only Delilah oil consuming dispute in the Czech press about what Kundera informed on Dvorzhachka or not. Kundera himself made an objection that such an event in his life took place.
Dlask died first 1990s. His wife lives, Ivo Militka who knows just what Dlask Kundera said on arrival in Prague Dvorzhachka and of his intention to spend the night with her internatskim room. And lives in Sweden Dvorzhachak, who spent almost 14 years in the slammer communist, but nobody has been able to persuade him to talk about that episode from 1950.
Press secretary of the Institute research totalitarian regimes Jiri Reichl confirmed again that the Institute considers protocol found, from which it follows that the accusation made Kundera, authentic document.
Case Milan Kundera is highly publicized in the Czech Republic. What logical. Kundera, who was a Czech dissident in the 1970s, the number of one of the most important moral authorities civilization. His little "romance with communism" in his youth while the Czechs have forgotten. They were proud of literary fame in the West Kundera and considered it sufficient solidarity 1980 only harsh Czech candidate for the Nobel Prize for literature.
But the attitude towards Kundera in the Czech Republic started evenly changing for the worse after, as Kundera refused to return to their homeland after the fall of communism in 1989, and became even more uncompromising after 1995 when Kundera completely defected to writing in French.

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