Catches of coastal fishermen increased by 25,000 tons

Total catch of enterprises Maritime eight months of this year amounted to 574,000 tons.  Pollock is a leader in producing coastal fishermen. This year, mastered 82% of the quota is 419,000 tons of fish. The main part of Pollock produced in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Second in terms of production is herring. Currently catch was 97,000 tons, mastered 38% of the allowances. This is almost two times higher compared to last year.

Along with the increase in Primorye rybodobychi embarked on the development of fish processing. On the initiative of the governor of the region developed a project to create a high-tech in the south of Primorye Fish cluster that will be the flagship of the industry. The project was presented to the Congress VIIImezhdunarodnom fishermen and received a positive evaluation experts.

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