CCP BPF activists patrol Kurapaty

In Kurapaty Forest I met five members of the CCP BPF, patrol members. Among them, party spokesman

"Most were watching, so here again, not vandals have done their evil deeds. Couple of times a day, late in the evening members of the CCP held in small groups on the memorial area, looking to here everything was in order, not to thieves roamed here. We always do it, here in order to avoid these dramas that took place here. And we will defend our shrine of blasphemy, of Satanists. " Before you go to Kurapaty forest, I called the police officer Minsk district. Vitaly Musychenko
He said that according to a recent vandalism when March 12 was broken and damaged more than 30 crosses prosecuted for disorderly conduct:
"A criminal case under investigation."
No other disk imaging police did not provide. Buffalo Emperor said:
"You can not read that it’s all done by some young hooligans. This purposeful work very organized public, which harms and destroys our sanctuary. And all this is an organic part of the evil that is happening on our land over our culture and people. Were instituted case, but further steps first investigation did not matter. seen that the authorities profitably, that this situation occurred. "
To return crosses the CCP BPF Cleanup announced March 15. According to Buffalo, it assumed the role of more than 40 people, adults and young people. From 10 to 16 hours for the police looked after the farm participants.
"With God’s help we were able to restore all warped and broken crosses, and return the whole composition of our memorial. People really worked fine, despite the fact that the authorities withdid everything, to intimidate people and make impracticable working conditions. Here stood as police, traffic police blocked all entrances to Kurapaty, but our car with the materials and tools still broke on the terrain. " Last prisoner of the Gulag and council member of the Sejm of the CCP BPF Petro Shashkel

"For all of us Belarusians this holy place. For me, maybe more patient, because I myself was arrested at a young age. Bolshevik This cluster relates to the whole of our family. Only thanks to the opposition Popular Front in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation accomplished the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.
Acts of vandalism occur, in fact, once a year. If the regime has already spent on the road bones people, was laid this savagery. How do we protect these crosses, covered with sand bulldozers our people, spanked, trampled in gryazyuka. "

Shashkel: "Whenever we arrive, tie or towels or tape, light a candle. But after a day or two, it all disappears." Head of the council of the CCP BPF Vladimir Juho
often visited Kurapaty forest. He says that the patrol may warn against vandals:
"If you take the last steps here, the main alley, they were afraid to come in, so it is visible and the road, and people come here more often. But with the side already on the field these crosses that broke more than 30, they created it, so as there is not so evident.

There, on Kurapaty Calvary, from Vilna Belarusians two crosses — one Orthodox and the other Catholic. And in the past year, we have six-pointed, Belarusian cross. He was new. And just, when it came out, this cross is already twisted, could not break it. We repaired when these crosses, and then put him in his place. This new something. Specifically chose this cross Belarus. "Tags:, kurapaty, vandalism

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