Celebrations in the center of Minsk is not allowed

In Minsk Executive Committee applicants celebration March 25 Liavon Borshevsky, Anatoly Lebedko, Statkevich and Anatoly Sidorevich met managing ideological control Gennady Kurbeka, deputy prosecutor of Minsk and the chief of the city police.
According Lebedko, the applicants were willing to discuss compromises routes manifestation spoke about the historical significance of the BNR, the features of the present political situation. But their arguments did not act on the imperative side — it was announced in the usual such cases solution: enable the collection of demonstrators in Academy, march to Bangalore Square and a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples.
UCP favorite Anatoly Lebedko referred to such a position of power destructive:
"We did not sign such a route, because with present a day or 14 hours and 40 minutes, we are not the applicants. But coupled with the fact we testify that in 18 hours March 25 as Belarusian citizens we Yakub Kolas. "
During the dialogue in the executive committee of Minsk police deputy chief said this: "I promise to you that you will be in the bullpen in Akrestsin."
Liabedzka rated this danger then read:
"Power wants to spoil prazdnichek, but I think which can be sit on Akrestin congratulations to the soul and heart. "
Favourite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski says that personally he would seek to bring former plan celebrations, for example, to lay flowers to the monument of Belarusian poets. And in general withdo, March 25 so noted in a solemn and not confrontational format:
"We wish it to be so, and because I do not call for any constructive steps, but our constitutional right to celebrate prazdnichek because we want to."
Additional dialogue with the authorities on the format of the celebration of March 25 is not expected, says complainant shares the 90th anniversary of the BNR Statkevich:
"I think that everything will be different degrees of ruthlessness during the campaign and after the degree of rigidity. Authority mouth performers offered the most that it is capable of."
According to Nikolai Statkevich, the current dialogue on the Board confirmed that city officials did not find ways to compromise, but did order from the presidential administration.

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