Cenatar Pedrini: They do not want, that Vick heard in Italy

Hearings in the case of illegal concealment Belarusian orphans Vicki Frost family Giusto-Bornachin upcoming April 2 in Genoa.
According to the newspaper La Voce d’Italia, some Italian politicians and lawyers called the decision of Minsk "best procedural course" and expressed the view that "the process may end before it even started."
The trial of illegal concealment Belarusian orphans Vicki Frost five representatives of home-Clan Giusto Bornachin and 2 Catholic priests initiated by the Belarusian side. First Minsk vinyl Italians in a more serious crime — kidnapping the baby.
To clarify the details of the main criminal case Genoa Tribunal invited to the April hearing main suspects by victims. This Nicholas Volchkov, director Vilejka institutions to illumine 2006 was the official guardian Vicki Frost, also Vic itself.
But the other day boarding process management decided not to go to the tribunal as a plaintiff even more so coupled with the girl. In his letter to the lawyer Diego Perugini, which represents the interests of Italy in Minsk, Voltchkov argues subsequent decision as follows: in Belarus, they say, have decided once again not to injure the girl. Also expressed concern that the presence of girls in the courtroom may adversely affect her psyche — especially at the moment, after years of living in a foster family Vassilievo, where Vick was Claus vorachivatsya composure.
Commenting on the decision of the Belarusian side, Italian Senator Egidio Pedrini states Belarusian authorities have made "process successful progress" on condition that "prevent Vick to come to Italy."

Belarusian girlfriend previously sacrificed shaped as letters of the law

"Belarusian girlfriend previously sacrificed shaped as letters of the law — says Pedrini. — At the moment here again use different procedural tricks to keep her fears to tell about life in orphanages, about brainwashing, with whom she encountered on return home to prevent a meeting with the family-Bornachin Giusto, which she refers to her mother and father, and that from the beginning defended her right kid "
As for the process, according to observers, "he may end before it even started." It is believed that in the most difficult situation would probably charge. When the courtroom is not the plaintiff, the lawyers of the accused will be able to request the termination of the process.
According to La Voce d’Italia, "the Belarusian side though refused the role of the court as a plaintiff own lawsuit has not yet been withdrawn. Lawyer official Minsk Perugini will be able todo it even April 2 — before the hearing. In case case closed. "
As analysts say, forthcoming in the press coverage of the case will not be easy. Unlike Senator Pedrini, which from the outset insisted on getting Vick Frost reunited with family-Bornachin Giusto, many representatives of political and diplomatic circles of Italy have a different view.
They want development is not very publicized, and even better — suppressed. Pedrini opponents believe that in the case of 12-year-old orphan publicity "has become a source of heightened tension, both in policy and in the area of interfaith relations."
Now in communion with the "Freedom" Director Vileika boarding school for children with speech disorders languid Nicholas Voltchkov confirmed the decision not to participate in the trial in Genoa as a plaintiff.

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