Chest. What should it be?

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Teens, especially girls at puberty are critical to your body — it has always been. Our time is only multiplied the children's inferiority complexes. According to psychologists, every teenager happen "bouts of obsession" beauty or sexuality. The man in the13-16 years, still can not understand that now existing "ideals of beauty" is simply unrealistic. However, even some adult women want to look like a Barbie doll, whose waist almost three times less than the volume of the chest!

Girls and women often associate their "ugliness" with the face or chest. The explanation is simple: the girl becomes aware of herself as a sexual object when he notices an increase in mammary glands. The young woman the appeal be dependent on the outlines of the breast. How many girls are going through tragedies because of her emerging womanhood! The cause of unrest may be too small and too large breasts.

Moreover, this "deficiency" girls begin to realize, comparing themselves with friends or classmates. At this age, it is difficult to understand that beautiful healthy chest does not have to fit into the famous 90-60-90. And especially to meet the standards, or the school yard.

What is breast development can be considered normal?

Breast— Hormone-dependent organ. All the transformations that happen to her for life, "dictate" the female hormones estrogen.

The first major change about to begin10-11 years. If at this time palpate the area around the nipple, you can feel pretty solid lump of glandular tissue — the basic "building blocks" of the breast. The most active period of growth accounted for13-15 years. At the same age pigmentation appears on the nipple and aureole is formed it. The nipple becomes visibly protrude forward. It is considered a natural swelling and soreness in the breasts before menstruation.

Adults shape it takes years to16-17. However, up to 20 years, the size of the breast may be slightly increased, the nipple, on the contrary, will be less. Maiden's chest is different elasticity of tissues, a small fat layer and pink color nipples (while adult women are brownish). When the girl appeared sex, breasts usually slightly increases and falls.

How does the chest during pregnancy and lactation?

The most noticeable changes occur in the breast during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding). The glandular tissue of the breast starts to grow and swell from the first months of pregnancy. Once the child "shall be driven from the breast," breasts usually return to their previous size. But sometimes a woman discovers that the bras that she wore before pregnancy, she became great or small — that's okay too.

Abnormal development of the mammary glands

If15-16-year-old girls under the nipple is not groped glandular cloth, it may be suspected breast hypoplasia — underdevelopment of the body. This anomaly is rare and can only fix it with the help of plastic surgery. It is not necessary to set itself such a diagnosis — only doctor-mammolog can reveal the complete absence of glandular tissue.

There is also the opposite pathology — gigantomastia — breast development before implausibly large.

It is much more common aesthetic irregularities — breast asymmetry, different sizes of the right and left chest, or vice versa. Only some of them require surgical correction. In most cases these defects are negligible andone can hide with brassiere and garments.

How to enlarge breasts without surgery?

The volume and shape of the breast depends on the level of estrogen, which is caused by heredity. And if the shape of the breast in women of the same race is very similar, the size can vary greatly (by the way, and the small and big breasts is capable of full lactation). With20-year-old age volume of glandular tissue is increased only in thetime pregnancy. In other cases, a breast fullness due to thickening of fat. It's not very good, because adipose tissue rather leads to lowering and "sagging" breasts. In addition, together with the breast usually gets the rest.

Effect of breast augmentation can be achieved through training, for example, special trainers (like the "butterfly", where the mixing, dilution hands). There are special exercises with dumbbells, which you can tell the instructor in any sports club. However, the exercise simply reinforce the tissue, promote the development of the chest muscles and make the breasts higher and "convex". The same visual effect can be achieved in one second if straighten his shoulders and "push" forward chest.

Especially for girls and women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, invented bras with foam and even with gel pads. Recent look very natural to the touch and even indistinguishable from a real breast.

All sorts of creams for the bust, promising an increase is unlikely to able to do so. Of course, they support the elasticity of the skin and act favorably on metabolism and blood circulation.

Breast augmentation by operational

Plastic surgery — a radical measure, and before you decide on it, we must think a thousand times. In any case, experts recommend to contact a plastic surgeon after only 18 years old when the formation of breast cancer is over.

In no case did not fall for the advertising of various methods of breast augmentation using gels. The results of this procedure is irreversible. Gel is distributed in the body is not always perfect, chest appear unsightly lumps and bumps. Even if the input material will behave well cosmetically, it can cause a variety of diseases — from mastitis to tumors.

The safest surgical solution to this problem — the implantation of stents — the substance in the shell, which is not in contact with the tissue of the breast. This operation is reversible: the prosthesis can always pull out if you want to part with it. By the way, it has recently made many Hollywood stars, including Pamela Anderson. So maybe instead of surgery should reconsider its "body image" and learn differently treat your body?

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