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It's no secret that the little (and big) boys are very curious and are interested in not only the outside world but also to the most "interesting" parts of his body. And then sometimes find themselves at the doctor with complaints of pain in the scrotum, testicles or penis. By genital injury may result and shock, bruises, falls.

What is the cause of these injuries? Most often this fall from a bicycle seat and hit the frame of the crotch area. Often leads to injury and hit the ball or hand in the area of the penis or scrotum during games in the yard. The cause of injury is and fall from the tree, or jumping from the garage to the sharp twigs or armature. Can a dog bite. Perineum may suffer from a failed experiment with a pyrotechnic firecracker or a homemade firecracker. Too tight underwear may infringe member or scrotum, when the child squats. Unattended toddlers can also drag the cord or a piece of fishing line or scrotum sexual member, which immediately leads to edema.

The danger of such injuries

  • All the organs of the perineum is very well supplied with blood and riddled sensitive nerves. They have a zone hit on which may be fatal because of painful shock. If the damage blood vessels that supply blood to organs of the perineum, blood can literally "river flow" that threatens life.
  • If the damage of the testicles in young people may be disturbed maturation of germ cells, which then leads to infertility.
  • The memory of the pain the child is much stronger than that of an adult, and any injury perineum — strong shock, not only physical but also mental. Therefore, it can then play a role in the formation of complexes in the future adult.

After such an injury occurs rapidly bruising in the penis or testicles, swelling of the scrotum or penis. Pain in the lower abdomen giving and in the groin. Often it is the accumulation of blood in the scrotum (hematoma). A substantial impact egg sometimes comes in the inguinal canal, under the skin of the abdomen may also be separation from the supply testicular vascular pedicle.

Parents should immediately contact the clinic to a surgeon or urologist, or a fracture clinic. With the most dangerous injuries need immediate hospitalization of the child in urological surgery department.

Damage to the penis — It's injuries, entrapment, his waist cord or other foreign body. Even more dangerous dog bites, lacerations after the bike, motorcycle and avtotravm falling on the branches of trees, damage from improvised explosive devices.

Bruising results in a bruise in the member's area, swelling, redness, may be outside the accumulation of blood (hematoma) at the site of injury. Often there is a delay of urination, blood in the urine appears, there may be severe bleeding from damaged veins of the penis. Some injuries can be observed and treated by a urologist outpatient, but compression of the penis, severe bruises, and the more open injuries require hospitalization.

Damage to the scrotum boys may be a result of a kick in the scrotum, hitting the frame of the bicycle, fall on a hard object.

Such injuries lead to severe swelling of the scrotum, intramuscular hematoma formation, which can reach large sizes due to very good blood supply to the scrotum and sometimes even extends to the thigh and penis. If the injury egg falls out of the scrotum, the child urgently admitted to a surgical ward.

Damage to the urethra may be as a result of stab, cut, laceration, playing with improvised explosive devices, falls from a tree on a branch, a dog bite. In this case, delayed urination, bleeding appears accumulation of blood and urine in the crotch area.

Specific to children and adolescents is a urethral injury foreign body. Kids can poke out of mischief there bead or some another thing, the older guys do it while masturbating. This injury causes pain in the urethra, urinary retention, jet stands out with a needle thickness. If the foreign body is not removed, it can then be formed and decubitus ulcer formation in the urinary fistula and inflammation of the surrounding tissue.

How can reduce the risk of injury?

  • Buying a bike, picks up his age and size of the child, do not take it "for growth." Less dangerous model with a folding frame without the top crossbar.
  • Do not allow children to ride on an adult bike. It is also very dangerous to ride a bicycle in the frame.
  • Tell us what dangerous punch and kick in the crotch. Do not allow in the game to strike in this area.
  • Warn your child, what injuries can result in a home occupation pyrotechnics.
  • Do not wear it too tight underwear.
  • Encourage your child to immediately talk about any injury, regardless of fault. This can help prevent prolonged treatment.
  • Do not attempt to self-treat any disease of the perineum. Immediately contact the clinic to a urologist or surgeon. In severe perineal trauma, accompanied by painful shock, massive blood loss or excessive swelling, without delay vezite child to the surgery or urology department of a hospital.

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