Children’s infections

Children's infections.  Photo from

There are a number of infectious diseases, which are called children, because they are ill mainly in children. Moreover, as a rule, it is one times, and strong immunity persists for life.

For childhood infections include: measles, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), scarlet fever, whooping cough and mumps (mumps). The main manifestation of measles, rubella, wind smallpox and scarlet fever is a rash on the skin, the nature and sequence of appearance of which varies depending on the specific disease. The appearance of the rash is almost always preceded by fever, weakness, headache.

For mumps (mumps) is characterized by an increase in pain and one or two of the parotid glands — in this case the patient's face probretaet distinctive pear-shaped. The main manifestation of pertussis — the typical attacks of spasmodic cough. When spasmodic fit of wheezing after inhalation followed by a series of short convulsive cough jerks that without stopping the follow each other during one exhalation.

Some of these diseases (chicken pox, rubella) In childhood are relatively mild, while others — can produce complications and have the most serious consequences. However, the most severe and prolonged childhood infections occur in people who develop them into adulthood.

If you suspect a similar infections in children and adults need to see a doctor (pediatrician or internist) which establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.


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