China summed subtotals military reform

China summed subtotals military reform
Launched in China process Demonopolization military-industrial complex of the country supported the government’s plans to privatize one thousand military factories and lowering import weapons, but fighters, cruisers and submarines as before at zatarivaemsya of, report to the Chinese media.

Nedavneshnego time before the military potential of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) samples consisted of arms 50s. In the 90-ies of XX century, China began to intensively increase combat power, purchasing Russian military hardware. For 20 years the government managed to spend almost complete rearmament.

The next step was the de-monopolization of the reform of the Chinese military-industrial complex (MIC). This was said on the days of information portal «He Xun» citing a report by the Chinese Academy.

As noted in the report of the Academy, specialists from a number of concerned about the rapid growth of China’s defense expenditure needs. Cash infusion arm have allowed the Chinese army sverhtehnologichny weapon systems have reduced China’s dependence on Russian arms supplies, report Chinese media, ITAR-TASS reported.

In the 90 years of the last century, the Chinese government launched a process of technical re-equipment of the Russian defense industry. This has increased the volume of Chinese military equipment.

In July of this year, Beijing announced the beginning verbovaniya investment in the country’s defense industry. In a brand new decree stipulates that private investors and working in the defense sector, municipal enterprises receive equal capacity in matters relating to licensing and taxes.

At the same time stipulates that access to this sector will be able to get only investors from mainland China. The statement noted that investors may take part in the development and production of arms, as in the restructuring of municipal defense companies.

A new regulation aimed at increasing competition in the sector, and on some projects in the future will be open tenders. To this day, private investors participated only in the supply of certain materials and devices for the defense industry, but for large projects were not involved.

As noted in the documents Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, the last function Pricing subsidiaries defense contractors want to buy some assets in municipal parent companies in the amount of up to 20 billion yuan (3.15 billion dollars). Thanks to future transactions of subsidiaries assets increase by about 100%, the report says. Acts government to privatize one thousand military factories will facilitate the process of de-monopolization initiated DIC country.

In the long-term plans of China State Shipbuilding comes reincarnation of China CSSC, China Aviation Industry Company and AVIC Aerospace and industrial companies in China CASIC arms suppliers, comparable in size to the South American «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin) and «Northrop Grumman» (Northrop Grumman) . Namely, AVIC wants to increase sales of products quadrupled — from 250 billion yuan (39.7 billion dollars) in 2011 to 1 trillion yuan (158.6 billion dollars) in 2020. In the coming years, about 80% of assets of designated companies will be located on the stock exchanges of the country.

According to the report, 10 large capitalization companies in China military at the moment is 2 trillion yuan (317.2 billion dollars). Corporations owned 70 subsidiaries entered the exchange among them 40 are defense companies. The total volume of these 70 companies account for 25% of all assets of the above 10 companies.
Rapid development of the capacity of the Chinese defense industry has led to a gradual reduction in arms imports. According to the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, SIPRI problems (SIPRI), in the period 2007-2011, China’s imports of weapons dropped by 58%. During these years, the volume of purchases of military equipment from China down a leading position in 2006 to fourth place in 2011.

In the last couple of years, China has started to increase research on the development of modern missiles. Created as ballistic and cruise carriers and mobile installation to launch nuclear warheads.

Together with that, despite significant progress, military specialists point gap between China and the major powers on a number of technologies. For this reason, Su-27 fighters, modern cruisers and submarines Russian production as before are some of the main items of Chinese imports are summarized in the report of the Academy.

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