Christopher played prazdnichek For our freedom and yours

The event was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian country. Organized a celebration of the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus.

Lithuanian sovereign acts salting Bagdonas

Before the concert, the audience addressed salting Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas:
"We are not just neighbors. Many centuries we lived in one state, one defending the homeland, build our common home — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania. Lytvyn called the people of our common homeland. Laws wrote and read the Bible in oldBelarusian language. Who among us municipal boundaries. But Vilnius, Lithuania carefully keeps every corner as belarushchyny own home. For our sincere friendship and good-neighborliness! For our freedom and yours! "
In the concert program there, St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra were works Boccherini Churlionis, Tchaikovsky, Piazzolla, and contemporary Lithuanian composers. Some works presented the maestro himself — Dr. Donatas Katkus as the product of modern Lithuanian kampazytarki Raminta Sherkshnite:
"This is one of the first works." De Profundis ". This kind of environmental theme." De Profundis "- this is for a dying bird."

In the midst of the audience — writer Vladimir Orlov. He says that pleasantly impressed with the concert, he liked the ultramodern, modern works:
"During this concert, I did not once seemed like we could celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR, if it took place. But fully confident that soon the hour when we are with the current hero of the day, Lithuanians meet in a united Europe, despite the rather gloomy words of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus that have good neighbors must be reliable fence. "

Maestro Donatas Katkus

After the concert, talk to the maestro Donatas Katkus. His Orchestra gives about 80 concerts a year, recognized in various countries. Why is he so rarely speaks in Belarus?
"You know, very hard to pass the border. And someone should ask. Generally, we are very good friends with the local filgarmoniyay. Very such intelligent, cultured people. And we do very many for Belarusian musician, Belarusian culture to its present in Lithuania. Culture is another time in isolation. She hides another time, and people are very professional, interesting teams, not bad music. Here are tried. I run a summer festival of Christopher. So we are there once a year invite someone from Belarus. In next year I also wish to present the Belarusian music, since we will center on the European culture. "

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