Citations past: The future belongs to communism

"Dzyannitsa" in 1918 prints ruling Congress of Belarusians of the 8th Army, "Not fit Yakum nyapavinna be admitted atdely Belarus am indiscriminately Russian Federation, because such atdely politically advantageous only nationalists and break all hvarbau organized forces working klyasau Russian Republic, and it was Death resound and internationally (mizhnaradovum) socialist movement … "
"Lim" in 1958 for the elections to The Supreme Council USSR wrote: "The future belongs to communism. It seems that no prophesied imperyalizma apologists defending the bourgeois order, more and more ordinary people of the capitalist states have come to understand that only the people of the earth shall satsyalizm true freedom and peace. Old world, the world of exploitation, is doomed to die. We are witnessing the triumph of stately thoughts of Marx and Lenin, eyewitnesses immeasurably strengthen satsyalistychnaga camp. "
* "Tell me, what is now the need for, say, vdarazhenni of dairy products? .. — Cites in 1998" Belarusian Business Newspaper " Alexander Lukashenko. — If it was in December and January, when the milk is less — it another thing. But if you survive the winter, when it is three times more milk … Suddenly increased prices. With viewpoint market must lowered when more products. On the contrary, increased. Means someone is was necessary … "

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