Concert Solidarity with Belarus

March 25 in the center of the Polish capital (and 18th, at the monument to Nicholas Copernicus) the demonstration, the purpose of which, according to the 1st of the favorites "Free Belarus" She Mentsvelya, "the Belarusian independence day in the coming show neighbors Poles — Belarusians that in the struggle for democratic change in their country, and they are supported by other nations. "
In turn, on March 30 Castle Square in Warsaw held a big concert "Solidarity with Belarus", in which perceive the role Star of the Belarusian and Polish musician Stanislaw Soyka, Lavon Volsky, Justin Stechkovska Igor Varashkevich, Rusya and others.
Part of the concert will be broadcast live on several radio stations and television channels "TVP info" and "Belsat" (beginning at 21:30 Minsk time).
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