Council Belarusian People’s Republic declares Republic nizalezhnayu …

"Belarusian path" on this week 1918 year report of the meeting of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic, March 24: "Meeting on these issues lasted 10:00. With both sides made 26 speakers. When electrified air was adopted by an overwhelming majority a resolution filed "nizalezhnikami": "I’m glad the Belarusian People’s Republic declares Republic nizalezhnayu and this gives relatively charters."
Under the heading "Fist broke out" "Belarusian village" in 1928 he writes: "At the meeting, some farmers — poor spend samaabkladanne want to build a school. But how was put to the vote, with his pryhvasnyami Belko said that for samaabkladanne who will, he will repent … especially Belko was against the school for Belarusian language. He stated that if we begin to teach whiteRussian language, then not only do not learn anything, and sandals and lost. "
"Slovakia in general almost all very didactic example for us — says in 1948 year "Fatherland". — And especially since may soon begin to run somewhere in the future projects of creation of something a-la Czechoslovakia Slavic east — with us and some of our neighbors, in which, of course, our situation would be quite analegichnym to the position of Slovaks when chehah. Therefore need to be careful everywhere Sianno where smells proverb "swell, swell — yes in the pocket …"

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