Created the first monument to the founders of the BNR

Unique monument created and installed near the Museum of Fine Arts Anatolia of the White. The event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR.
Festive event organizers — Cultural and Educational Club "Heritage of." Its chairman Anatoly whitewashed said that the opening of invited representatives of foreign embassies, leaders and members of opposition parties and movements, and all who appreciate the history of the Fatherland. The event starts in the old Roads on March 15 in 14 hours.
Anatoly whitewashed states that for the first time in Belarus created more famous monument to the founders of the BNR.
"This iron sheet measuring 1.5 meters high and 2 meters wide. Above the inscription" BNR Founders. " Immediately 18 reliefs that are cast from metal. Also iron coat of arms "race" to the size of 65 by 55 cm and signboard. It says: "The Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic of Belarus said to be independent and sovereign power."
In March 1918, Russian Our homeland and Germany concluded a separate peace of Brest. According to which Minsk started occupying German forces. Russian escaped control in Smolensk. A national forces meanwhile March 25 convened the Constituent Assembly. It was recognized as an official language of Belarus, capital of the new country became Minsk. Signs Belarusian countries were approved white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race."
Names of those who participated in the decision, the name of Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich:
"The very independence of BPR initiative belonged Vilna Belarusian Council, headed by Anton Lutskevich and that came his brother Ivan, as a number of others, including Vaclav Lastouski. With this were Arkady Smolych Joseph Voronko Peter Krechevsky, Lyosik, Tomas Mushroom, Ivanovo, Dovnar-Zapol’skii. Overall, all Belarusian forces, including even the right, in other words, representatives of the landlords, even they stood for the independence of BPR. "
Not counting those, whose names referred Gritskevich historian, on the monument as high reliefs 11 more patriots.
Let me remind you that the grand opening of the monument to the old Roads precedes the main event in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the BNR. On the next — a member of the organizing committee of the State Viktor Ivashkevich:
"23rd in the office of the Company’s whiteRussian language and in the office of the BPF Party held the first dictation role recognizable politicians, cultural figures and public activists. On March 25 — a procession in the central streets of Minsk. Gathering of participants — 18 hours on the square Kolas. "

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