Cuba libre means that we want to free Cuba

So Makar, Grodno took part in the world film festival "One World 2008" that devoted to human rights. Displays of representatives of the unregistered movement "For Freedom."
On the show was the head of the Czech Embassy in Minsk Vladimir Ruml.
Reporter: "I came to the documentary film festival and saw people with epaulets, and even see the brain ideologue town Sergei Dubovcy. Good day, You came to ban or not? And, to participate?"
Fire Service states that need additional fire extinguishers.
Fireman: "Means must be at least one desyatsilitrovy … " "A friend of mine, so if you want to find two …", says Managing TBSH.
Tatiana Konopkin
Konopkin: "Well, where is it written? When I gather the members of his own organization and we do view, it is forbidden or not?"
Fireman: "View all movies in the cinema we have."
Konopkin: "Such films you will not see in the cinema." Picture Show "Cuba libre" interested historian and journalist.
Vladimir Khilmanovich
Reporter: "You appear Association, questions why specifically from the movie with the title started?"
Khilmanovich: "Certainly, the association between Belarus and Cuba are constantly emerging, but, on the other hand, there is always the belief that our situation is undemocratic municipal government will not be long such as in Cuba. We do not live on the peninsula, and I’m just that Belarusians such a fate is not predetermined, as the Cubans. Yet, Belarusians it — a good reminder that the dictatorship can endure quite a long time, and this is a good lesson for Cuba all states . " On film screening in Grodno came head of the Czech Embassy in Minsk.
Vladimir Ruml
Reporter: "Sp.Ruml, I began to find on the Web, it is -" Cuba libre ", but did not found a recipe, but you know what it did for a drink" Cuba libre "?

Czech salting Vladimir Ruml and show organizer Paul Mazhejka Show organizer is the movement "For Freedom", one of whose representatives —.
Paul Mazhejka
Reporter: "You are not interested in what is still a drink" Cuba libre "which Tipo vserasprostraneny extensively in Cuba?"
Mazhejka: "We specifically chose when this movie, we first motivate the story, one up, which led to the revolution of Fidel Castro: Cuba remains a totalitarian state, that has human rights challenges. To us it was fundamentally and not drink. Most likely, it did tourists left the press, which is located in Cuba own youthful desires of the victory of socialism. "
Reporter: "Gevara Che, Fidel?"
Mazhejka: "Yes, certainly."
Czech salting Vladimir Ruml said foreword to the film about Cuba. Specifically, he noted the subsequent:
Ruml: "The director, despite the risk of persecution, took a picture of contemporary Cuban dictatorship in which showed the reality hidden behind romantic notions of tourists."
Ignoring the firefighters began Picture Show, and Paul Mazhejka saw that show just "Cuba libre" …
Mazhejka: "This drink — a rum and Coke. If ordered at the bar" Cuba libre ", it meant — we want is for you to Cuba to be free, we want to free Cuba."
Paul showed Mazhejka now the Czech Ambassador Vladimir Ruml old city Kolozhu locks. According to Paul, for them always people walking in civilian that did operational movies. Even in a restaurant where they stopped to eat on the table was already handbag with eye lens. Paul also Mazhejka said that the Czech guest wanting to try some distinctive dishes Grodno Belarus, but they have found such. Tags: Grodno, rights, human, one festival, libre, peace

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