Currently profitable countries — Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan

Member of the House Representatives , Owed sure: a global monetary crisis will affect Belarus is very positive. He says that in the last two weeks already met with 4 business delegations. They all arrived in Minsk from Israel, says MP, owed:

"In this case, the principle — means love for tranquility, peace and stability. During the last two months, the flow of people wanting to arrange funds in Belarus increased by 10 times.
Than currently Lures Belarus? Again I say love means tranquility, peace and stability. They are generally not enough to motivate some political upheaval. "
, Owed elaborates:
"We dominated the public sector and prevail. And at the moment the government is in control completely the banking system.’s Why we go to the investor.
Now profitable countries — Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan … Those countries where everything under control the public sector. "
Unlike Haidukevich MP, Chair of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship Vladimir Korjagin configured differently. He argues that the global monetary crisis is bad for Belarusian businessmen:
"Banks are currently more cautiously make loans to businessmen. Some banks even stopped lending small business projects.
Second problem — the markets for our products. In particular, in Ukraine and in Russia. And third — the general mood in the business environment when not dominated by optimism and tightness. There is uncertainty, the difficulty of planning and forecasting. And you can already read about the reduction intrigued investors in several projects. Almost just called me one businessman who occupied the construction site of the cleaning center … And says that one of the investors refused to participate in the financing of this project. "

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