D.Myadvedev not ranked in the list of most nation-wide Presidents

Dmitry Medvedev — a favorite in the elections Russian President scored, according to preliminary data, a little more than 70% of voters who participated in the voting.
But this result is not the most far the best in the world, now writes Russian newspaper "Kommersant" in the article "Most presidents whole people." Journalists made a rating that indicates how convincing were the or other presidential election world.
The first 10 of the heads Nguema Mbasogo Obiyang Theodore — President of Equatorial Guinea. At the last presidential elections in this country (2002) he was voted 97.1% of voters. In second place Rwandan President Paul Kgname — 95.1%. Closes the "bonus" three Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali — 94.5%.
The fourth and fifth places our CIS neighbors — Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedav yes Islam Karimov. In the first 10-ke also leaders of Guinea, Belarus, Djibouti, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.
According to "Kommersant", "Top-10 entered the country equally representing the African continent and the CIS. How to explain this geographic paradox — is unclear."

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