Day communication. Valentine celebrate youth on the street

Malady call all day in love to join the solemn action. The procession will start at the 5th pm from Freedom Square. Young people visit the embassies of the European Union and the United States. Once a year event in Valentine’s day is not complete without detention. Despite this, every year number of participants increases.
Several members of the 10-s of an unregistered organization "Young Front" plan to gather and 5 pm at Liberty Square — the classic collection site in the Valentine’s day. February 11 the Young received a response from the Minsk city executive committee, where they applied for permission to hold a street protest. Bureaucrats City refused, citing the fact that the march would interfere with "the busy movement of vehicles."
Malady 1997 annual celebrate Valentine’s day. For this time had three generations of members. Virtually every action not without detention. In 1999, for the manifestation of the love of European states (if the action was completed fireworks) against activist Eugene brought Skochko criminal case. Eugene sentenced to a year of probation.
The present action, like previous ones, will be held under the slogan "Belarus to Europe".
"Despite the ban by the authorities," Young Front "did not vary in their own decision, because February 14 is the day of love — says Anastasia Palazhanka activist organization. — We, the Young, have the opportunity to confess his love your friends own country, own language, a declaration of love and open your heart Belarus, to tell all the people that is at the moment in our country, that it is happening and what efforts we make to our upcoming life all the same become better. "
The shares will be yesterday’s political prisoners Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich. Dmitry, who served nearly 18 months in prison for his role in an unregistered organization, said he was not afraid of going to jail again:
"Today, I get to Freedom Square, coupled with Malady, so once again the voice of the entire state Belarus-a European country that Belarusians spiritually belong to the Christian European civilization and our future in this particular society. "
A 6th evening in several towns in celebration starts action "Burning Heart". Burning hearts or circles on the standard form stars euro flag protesters with candles, lighters, flashlights and sparklers.
The current campaign will launch a three-month marathon in other towns of Belarus. Youth will conduct quizzes, contests that the euro is in the or that otherwise town or village. Will be posted national and EU flags. Tags: young, day, February, Valentine, Valentine, 14, the front

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