Deepest: Competition Kyi Jazepa Drozdovich

Participants had cut and decorate wood carvings staff — like the one which recognized painter Joseph Drozdovich Out many paths to local neighborhoods.
Of the eight pyatsiklyasnikav, pupils Gluboksky district winner was Ilya Yakimovitch, a high school student number 3 Deepest district center. As a prize, he received a set of tools for carving, which has long dreamed of.
Competition became carvers end children’s art plein air "The path Jazepa Drozdovich" which took place in the summer last year at the initiative of Victor Gluboksky Dudkevich and local public activist Yaroslav Bernikovich.
Belarusian recognizable graphic artist, painter, architect, anthropologist and writer who was born October 14, 1888 in the dungeons on Punko Glybochchyne, traveled extensively in the local villages. He is buried in the cemetery between the villages and small Davydka Lipljan. Put on his grave monument depicting "eternal wanderer", made by architect A.Shaternikam.

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