Delicate intimate problems

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For any woman feeling of cleanliness and comfort is very important, especially when it comes to the intimate sphere. But it is no secret that the delicate problems happen quite often. Usually talking about them is not accepted, many hesitate to ask for advice from a pharmacist in a pharmacy and even a reception at the gynecologist, although intimate discomfort — a condition familiar to most women.

The discomfort is manifested irritation, itching, burning and dryness of the vagina. These unpleasant symptoms are often able to deliver real suffering. But even tolerable manifestations may be a sign of beginning or prolonged disturbances in the intimate area.


Causes of the trouble

Often intimate discomfort lurking women who have had to take some antibiotics for a long time — it can cause not only a violation of the intestinal microflora, but also the natural flora of the vagina.

The most useful microorganisms are vaginal lactobacilli. They create a physiological acidic environment that prevents the growth of "bad" bacteria. When you receive a number of antimicrobial agents inhibited the growth of lactobacilli, and their place is taken by the "outside" germs. This condition is called dysbiosis vagina. When dysbiosis in the vagina increases the risk of infections and inflammatory processes.

The same effect can cause improper and yeast infection treatment with antifungal drugs. In general, the whole range of vaginal antibiotics (in the form of suppositories, vaginal tablets) can inhibit the natural flora and irritate delicate mucous, which further causes the unpleasant manifestations of discomfort.

Other causes of violations of the acidity of the vagina and the microflora imbalance is to reduce the local immunity and disturbance in hormonal levels. This often occurs during pregnancy and after childbirth.


The natural solution

Fortunately, the solution of this delicate problem exists. Of unpleasant symptoms may protect therapeutic and prophylactic gels "Ginokomfort" specifically created to address the problems associated with intimate discomfort.

Delicate intimate problemsDelicate intimate problems

Gels "Ginokomfort" are not drugs. Nevertheless, they are:

  • eliminate unpleasant symptoms: irritation, itching, and dryness of the vagina, and help normalize the natural microflora and maintain an acidic pH; reclaimed after mucosal infection processes in the vagina (eg, yeast), and treatment with antibiotics;
  • give a long lasting feeling of moisture and comfort;
  • have anti-inflammatory and accelerate the healing of micro.

In case of unpleasant symptoms: irritation, itching, burning and dryness is necessary to the gynecologist to eliminate their causes, and to remedy these symptoms can be used as an additional tool gel "Ginokomfort" with essential oils of tea tree. It has weak anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is used in the recovery period after treatment with antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs. Also gel "Ginokomfort" with Tea Tree Oil can be recommended for getting rid of the discomfort that occurs during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Delicate intimate problems

After thoroughly eliminates all symptoms of Use gel "Ginokomfort" with an extract of mallow. Apart from some anti-inflammatory, it has the effect of shielding and supports the natural protection of the vagina. Gel "Ginokomfort" with an extract of mallow suitable for permanent use as a preventative care mucosa prone to irritation and dryness.

Use gels "Ginokomfort" help to forget the unpleasant discomfort and give a sense of the intimate harmony.



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