Deputy Angelica Boris was not allowed to Poland

He told us that on February 27 with his brother went to Poland by car. They passed inspection at the checkpoint "Bruzgi" but on the Polish side at the checkpoint "Forge Bialystok" he was held for several hours and canceled visa, explaining that there is a decision not to let the sovereign Porzecki Polish countryside country.
Jozef Porzeckiand states that in 2000 there was already a ban on its arrival in Poland. In 2005 after, as Belarusian authorities began to pursue the Alliance of Poles led by Angelika Borys, Ministry Foreign Affairs Poland apologized to him in writing. However, in Belarus it a couple of times arrested and two years forbade leaving the country. Later, he repeatedly visited Poland. Last time he was there last December together with Angelika Borys. They met with officials of the Republic of Poland.
The year-long Polish visa in the passport Yu.Pazhetskaga voided now Polish border guards, had until June 2008.

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