Destroy the German tanks as George Bessarabov!

Each person in the memory are stored childhood memories …

And I do too. On one of them I'm going to tell you.

80 years. Old but sturdy rustic house in which they live grandparents. Grandchildren (and I'm one of them) come on vacation. Of all the fun — friends, river, bike store yes. On TV — one (!) Program. This is not a 21st century …


And then there is the attic. Climb there, of course — you can not, but if you really want …

Motes fly and sparkle in the sunlight. Silence. Beauty!

A stack of yellowed newspapers. I'll take one, the most top. The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

And on the very first turn, "Destroy the German tanks as George Bessarabia". In the children's temples knocks blood — can not be! I looked at the date and not believe my eyes — July 10, 1943!

A mind all the rings' Destroy tanks as George Bessarabov ». I read the article from start to finish. And on the second page of the newspaper — the article "How I one day killed three tigers." I re-read both articles again and again. "Destroy the tanks as George Bessarabov" — the phrase I remember for a lifetime.

  • That same newspaper
  • That same newspaper

It has been nearly thirty years …

No grandparents. Already long gone and the house and the attic …

And "Destroy tanks as George Bessarabov!" Remember.

And here and the site of "The feat of the People": 

Looked at one of his grandfather, he found both. And then, after all these years! The fingers themselves are printed: "Bessarabia". Gregory or George? George, for sure! Search produces three Georgiev Bessarabova, choose 1912 birth — tanker!

Heart knocks as thirty years ago in that attic! Four medals, four premium sheet: Order the "Red Star" on the second lieutenant, Order of the Patriotic War II degree and the Order of Lenin's lieutenant and one Order of the Patriotic War II degree to lieutenant. I read everything on the line. And you also read, you will not regret.


  • Award list for lieutenant George Bessarabova
  • Award list for lieutenant George Bessarabova

"… An enemy shell tank was hit, punched the left side fuel tank. The tank caught fire. Comrade. Bessarabia under enemy fire from nearby KV, took a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. In following this tank lights up 2 more times, but comrade. Bessarabia tank did not leave, and his crew put out the fire and the flames continued to carry out his mission … "


  • Award list for Lieutenant George Bessarabova
  • Award list for Lieutenant George Bessarabova

After letting the Nazi machinery of 100-150 meters, Guard Lieutenant Bessarabia direct fire destroyed three German heavy tank T-6 "TIGER" and two medium tanks, two PTO and 50 Nazis, forcing the other tanks disorderly retreat.

For their bravery and heroism worthy of the title of the assignment — HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION.


  • Award list
  • Award list

Enemy aircraft … struck a car. He was seriously wounded by a driver, the heroic efforts of a tank crew was saved and withdrawn from the battlefield. A total of battle account Crew comrade. Bessarabova 3 to 8 August, a destroyed German tank T-6 "TIGER", 2 medium tanks, eight vehicles, two guns and 70 Nazis.


  • Award list for lieutenant
  • Award list for lieutenant

"Our dedicated son of the Socialist Motherland in the battles against the German invaders showed courage and bravery …

… December 29 in the village of Maharintsy comrade. Bessarabia promptly crashed into a convoy of German vehicles, crumpled up to 10 vehicles, forced the Germans to retreat in panic, leaving in good condition up to 70 vehicles, tank treads crushed to 20 infantrymen. In this battle, so Bessarabia died a heroic death. "

"In this battle, so Bessarabia died a heroic death."

Something snapped inside. With tears.

And I'm a boy in the shower again, again in the attic, and in my head, like a giant bell sounds — "Destroy the German tanks as George Bessarabov!" …


A paper that I carefully keep so far, as well as the memory of Hero.


A. Thank you for SEVER'u "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!"

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