Destroyed in order to build another monument cabinet

Chairman of the Belarusian Volunteer Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Anton Astapovich knows about the next victim "buldozernay restoration":
"This is the house of the nineteenth century, a fine example of urban quarterly development. Facade is not rich, but particularly in the tradition of decorated middle of the XIX century. Moderate facade decor: profiles, set window openings, etc. In short, catchy example of urban sprawl of the XIX century, the status of historical and cultural value of the first category according to the Municipal list. This in-1’s. A in-2, he was under the protection of several regulations. March 29 2005 a meeting of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Culture methodical. According to the protocol, virtually all buildings of the historic center targeted included in the list of historical and cultural values of the assignment of the first category. "
The house on Revolutionary, 17 hit and a separate list of protected through the town of Minsk. Significantly, Astapovich continues, even before the adoption of this solution at the site restoration work already underway:
"From 2004 there were restoration work. There newest and roof done and put the latest woodwork. Before last Friday I went around the area of the historic center, the house was not even a hint that its going to destroy. His last days almost simultaneously demolished, and on Friday there is only construction wastes were brought. "
Samples Anton Astapovich know who ordered the destruction of the monument of architecture, huge yielded no result. Deputy head of the protection of historical and cultural heritage and restoration of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky supervising reconstruction work in the Upper town, replied: say, do not know what’s happening monuments to the first category.
But in the forthcoming study, it became clear: with 2005 to supervised two investors — Russian Company "Ixora" and Belarusian company "SEPA". In the same customer was the company "tapas" and the contractor for the demolition of buildings — construction management building trust number 2 number 7. There sire ASTAPOVICH showed construction documents entitled "Draft dismantling buildings along the street Revolutionary, 17." Ibid indicated: there are all the approvals for the demolition of buildings, including the sanction of the Ministry of Culture.
Ask at your own interlocutor either told in building trust that customers are going to build instead of the destroyed monument of architecture?
"There’s planned office building. Other words, another investment in an office building, next profitable investment. Again the same again to build office buildings, in the center of the town destroyed the historical and cultural heritage."
Past Chief Municipal Inspector Mingorispolkom on protection of historical and cultural heritage of Vladimir Popruga states that in the process of recovery Tipo historical center of Minsk has long been not taken into account applicable laws as well responsible for the process of "development" of the historic area is only interested in the commercial side of things. Such a situation expert associates with full "mopping up" Minsk in the "capital of war":
"The situation is such that Minsk actually only loses, not gains. What is the historical and cultural value of the town of Minsk? It is fully defined four categories, as it is written in the Law "On protection of historical and cultural heritage." Buildings and structures, historic plyanirovachnaya structure, landscape and cultural layer. So here, buildings and structures in Minsk lost throughout our own history. Practically for the period so called capital Wars XVII — beginning of XIX century Minsk vypalvavsya almost every generation: 30-50 years old, came from the Cossack saber, vypalvavsya city together with the people who were here. After vorachivalis minchane own and began to rebuild the same areas so called buildings and structures. "
Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture has already sent a request to the Prosecutor General to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of the destruction of the historic monument. This was also informed the Committee of municipal control and the presidential administration.

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