Detained participants of the meeting of the Council of Young Front

All the detainees — members of an unregistered organization "Young Front". They gathered to discuss some organizational issues. All were taken to control Interior Minsk region. 4 minors were released an hour later, the other one was called in for a chat, and later taken away on the bus.
About the structure of the Minsk district police that in the neighborhood Stepyanka gathered ancestors and friends detained Malady. Despite the fact that all detained in the third half, three hours, and the 6th in the evening, still not clear what decision will perceive a police control.
Middle of the detainees — Artur Finkevich. He, together with other Malady was in the auditorium police. Arthur told "Freedom":
"At this point in the auditorium of the mesh becomes smaller and people. One is withdrawn into the office, there is interrogated, inspect documents and later gone to the bus. Released a couple of juvenile people. What is more — is unclear, because police apparently still expect some order. "
Dashkevich totalitarian engine will not stop
Paul Seviarynets was also at the meeting and went to the police.
"It’s obvious that the regime has decided to show that, even releasing political prisoners, it does not release from the clutches of their own situation. Understand and He gives" to Young Front ", and independent society, international society, that it will keep the situation under control, under control of repression, and this demonstrative ruthlessness will justify that to keep under control, he will negotiate. "
Zmitser Dashkevich noted that police detained more than 3 x 10-s man, when less than a day after the release of Andrei Klimov:
"Today’s arrest and prosecution as Catherine Solovevoj Article 193 as illegal and criminal prosecution of Andrei Kim svedachats that totalitarian engine will not stop. All these release are presently occur, they occur under huge international pressure and faster in a format such games in democracy than a true liberalization of public life. "
Malady of discussions policemen realized that they knew about the meeting later and already had prosecutorial sanctions to unwillingly enter the house.
Anastasia Palazhanka, which was released two hours after the arrest, said "Freedom" that the police are already expecting their KGB, which they call the "curator", "Young Front".
In the past year, February 4 police also detained more than 3 x 10-s of the Young. As a result, against Anastasia Palazhanka, Nikita Krasnov, Dmitry Fedoruk, Boris and Oleg Korban Goretskogo then filed criminal charges for his role in an unregistered organization.

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