Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

Arrhythmiacan itself be a disease, but can — a symptom of another disease. Some arrhythmias can go by themselves. But if the arrhythmia persists for several hours or develop complications, you should immediately seek medical help. However, even if arrhythmia disappeared by itself, should not be put off a visit to the cardiologist. Repeated violation of rhythm can occur at any time and end tragically.

The main symptoms of arrhythmia are feeling extra or skipped heart beats too fast, or slow heartbeat. Also available are feelings of weakness, fatigue, pain in theheart, shortness of breath.

To determine the cause of arrhythmias by appointmentphysician-performed Arrhythmologists record an electrocardiogram (ECG) man, ECG atropinovye sample (this is the method based on the removal of ECG after administration of atropine in a vein — a substance that causes a change in the regulation of heart rate), ECG at exercise, ECG monitoring during the day and an ultrasound examination of the heart — echocardiography.


If arrhythmiadevelops as a complication of another disease, it can go after the elimination of the underlying disease, which served as its cause, although sometimes require the concomitant use of antiarrhythmic drugs. When arrhythmia an independent disease, drugs that normalize rhythm, become the main method of treatment. In some cases, the direction Arrhythmologists or cardiologist for heart rate recovery is carried transesophageal electrical stimulation of the heart — this method is also used to diagnose arrhythmias. If the arrhythmia is a constant symptom and can not be cured by medicines, the person implanting a pacemaker — Artifical pacemaker. For arrhythmias associated with anatomic abnormalities of the conduction system, there are surgical treatments.

If you suffer bouts of arrhythmia, it should take care of that as possible to prevent them. For example, people suffering from arrhythmias during solar activity — that is, magnetic storms — you need to carefully follow the instructions of doctors and always carry their medication. Remember, an attempt to self-treat arrhythmia — an unjustified and dangerous practice! A method of treating arrhythmia for each patient should be selected taking into account the expert cause, type and degree of arrhythmia after all the necessary research.

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