Diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis

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The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis sets children's pediatrician or allergist at the examination. He has to ask in detail about the nature of the parents of child nutrition, living conditions, manifestations of the disease. In the future, if the child has a diathesis, must be constantly observed by a doctor for a correct nutrition and the prevention of exacerbations.

Eliminating allergens

The most important thing parents need to do, to try to identify and eliminate possible allergens. Since there are three natural ways of penetration of allergens — food (while eating and drinking), pin (with direct exposure to the skin) and respiratory (inhalation), it is desirable and efforts made in all three areas.

Contact way:

  1. Baby clothing should be made of natural materials.
  2. It is important to take into account country of origin, the place of purchase. Do not buy a suspiciously cheap (especially imported) things. Consider that in their manufacture may be used dyes and harmful material.
  3. Before the first wearable clothes should always be washed
  4. Maximum limit the use of synthetic detergents, washing powders, especially with biological systems. This rule applies not only to things of the child, but also on the outer clothing of relatives who are a child in her arms. A typical situation: the baby in diapers, baby soap to wash, rub attractive face of the mother's gown, which, in turn, wash with detergent.
  5. Be sure to iron the clothes and bedclothes the child. Allergens are destroyed at high temperature.
  6. Pay attention to the quality of the water in which baby bathing, which wash face, hands, ass. When an allergy to bleach have to boil water or install filters.
  7. Be careful with shampoo and soap that you wash your baby. They can also cause allergies.
  8. Do not forget about the toys. Be aware of what and where they are made, than painted.

Respiratory route. The main allergens penetrate through the respiratory tract are:

  • house dust;
  • aerosols;
  • insect repellent.
  • dry food for aquarium fish.
  • all actively smells (whether good or bad).
  • Pets. Remember that, after the removal of the animal after the reduction of allergens in residential starts in about a month, and the manifestations of dermatitis in children are reduced, not earlier than 3-4 months (more often — about six months).

Recommendations to parents

Recommendations to parents a child with atopic dermatitis.

  • Avoid excessive heat baby (do not wear it a hundred clothing items) and more poite it. Remember that the more baby sweats, the more symptoms of dermatitis. With a shortage of liquid decreases elimination of allergens in the urine.
  • Constipation in children with atopic dermatitis not only increase the expression of the disease, but also, often, it is the main reason (allergens do not have time time to leave the intestine, are absorbed into the bloodstream and cause allergies). It is important to monitor the frequency of stool and constipation problem solve with the help of a doctor.
  • Light — the most important filter of the human body, which removes a lot of variety, "filth" and allergens as well. It is important to maintain the normal operation of the lungs air regularly and, if necessary, moisten the room and walk more.
  • The use of any drug in a child with a tendency to allergies requires special care and advice of your doctor. Remember: the pharmacological agents in the form of syrups contain a variety of additives (colorings, flavorings) that can cause or exacerbate allergies. Candles, in this aspect, it is safer.
  • And the last. Do not dramatize the situation. All you'll be doing — it's not for life. Allergic dermatitis, usually temporary.


During exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, a doctor watching a child may appoint medicines. This may be enzymes, vitamins, short courses of different antihistamine drugs etc. Furthermore, there may be assigned hormonal and non-hormonal (wetting) ointments and creams. Diaper rash on her ass smeared recommend special creams with a high content of zinc oxide.

Sometimes the child recommend baths with different herbs have anti-inflammatory effects (in particular, chamomile teas and turns). However, remember that any herb can itself become a cause of allergies.

Vaccinations for children with allergic diathesis conducted only after medical training, which reduces the likelihood of an allergic reaction (for this purpose, antihistamines), and only a month after the last exacerbation of the process.

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