Diagnosis and treatment of autism

Diagnosis and treatment of autism.  A still from the film

If you've noticed some strange behavior of their child, consult a child psychiatrist. The earlier the age of correction commenced an autistic child, the greater the chance to adapt it to a normal life.

Typically, the disease diagnosed by2-25 years. It should be remembered that this disease never develops in a healthy Rebeca after 5 years. If abnormalities are detected at an older age, you should first think about schizophrenia, and not about autism. In addition, some of the symptoms of autism are similar to manifestations of mental retardation, speech disorders, congenital deafness and psychotic regression. Therefore, only an experienced professional can determine whether or not your baby autistic.

Treatment of autism involves both a special diet that restricts the ingestion of products with a high content of gluten and casein, and the use of drugs and sedatives. In addition, there is now a mass of techniques and developments aimed attreatment or correction Autism. For example, communication therapy helps develop the child's independence, self-reliance and social adaptation skills. She also contributed to the development of communication skills through sign language and other means of nonverbal communication.

Audio-vocal training andaudio training, as well as the treatment of the conflict aimed at adapting an autistic child. The main method of treatment of the conflict is a violent embrace "forceal holding", or holdingtherapy. This method proposed M. Welch (1983), also called "forced support." It is an attempt of forced, almost violent physical education communication between mother and child, as it is the lack of communication is often considered a major violation of autism.

Except also a need for continuous training of specialized physical therapy for a child to learn to control the body correctly.

Parents need to understand what is happening to their child as possible to establish an emotional connection with it, learn to make a difference, changing it for the better. Moreover, families with autistic children is useful to communicate with each other. Not only do they understand each other, but each of them has its own unique experience feelings of crisis, overcome difficulties and achieve success, the development of specific methods of solving the many domestic problems.

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