Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical incompetence (CIN)

Diagnosis and treatment of ISTIC-cervical insufficiency (CIN).


Time to recognize the CIN can be used only if at regular visits to the antenatal clinic doctor examines a woman on a chair. Unfortunately, the reality in antenatal vaginal examination usually produce only when registering, and then limited to measuring pressure, abdominal circumference and height standing uterus, weighing.

If your previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage (especially if it occurred in the II trimester and started with rupture of membranes), tell your doctor at the first visit. Ask your gynecologist regularly inspect the chair for you to monitor the status of the cervix.

The state of the cervix can also be estimated using ultrasound — the study of vaginal sensor measure the length of the cervix and the state of the internal os. Cervical length of less than 2 cm and a diameter of internal os of more than 1 cm are considered ultrasonographic evidence of CIN.



In endocrine disorders, especially in excess of androgens, the doctor may prescribe special drugs to correct hormone levels. After 1-2 weeks of treatment gynecologist again assesses the state of the cervix — unless it stabilized and the trend towards further opening is not present, treatment is limited to only these measures.


If the effect of the drugs is not designated, or if Cervical failure is traumatic nature, the need for surgical correction CIN, ie, suturing the cervix (in terms of 13 to 27 weeks). Studies confirm that this method is simple to implement, malotravmatichen, rezultativen and has no negative impact on the health of mothers and crumbs. Surgical intervention is most effective in the early stages, when there are no significant shortening of the cervix and uterus, as well as lower the risk of infection of the fetus.

Before the operation (and it is held in a hospital) future mommy carefully examined. After surgery for 1-3 days to sanitize the vagina, that is to handle it and the area sutures with antiseptic solutions (furatsillina, chlorhexidine). In the future, patients with stitches in the cervix should be regularly — one every two weeks — to come to inspect a gynecologist. Sutures are removed at 38 weeks of pregnancy, and this manipulation can be performed and out-patient, in a women's clinic. The cervix "ripen" and — welcome to give birth!

After the surgical correction of the mother giving birth, usually themselves. But if you went into labor early or premature rupture occurred waters — a run to the hospital! There, the woman immediately withdraw the seams and will provide the necessary assistance. Post-partum women who have had the correction takes place as well as everyone else.

It happens that I have to spend an extra correction. This occurs if during the examination (16 -24 weeks of gestation), the doctor found in the cervix fetal bladder. After such an operation, the woman will have some time to observe strict bed rest and medication.

Just like after any other surgery, after surgical correction of CIN are the possible complications and side effects. In a small percentage of cases, there is a "finesse" joints — especially when uterus often strained, so the majority of women with stitches in the cervix appoint Tocolytic — drugs that lower the tone of the uterus. On strings can accumulate a significant amount of bacteria that causes the development or exacerbation of inflammation of the vagina. Therefore, all patients with stitches in the cervix to periodically take swabs from the vaginal flora and sanitize the vagina.

The most important element of both preoperative and treatment of miscarriage is psychosedative therapy. Success depends largely on the behavior of future moms, from her self-correction and a favorable outcome of pregnancy in general.
Keep in mind the fact that kids have appeared in mothers withCervical failure, need careful examination immediately after birth and long after, for signs of intrauterine infection.

Re- pregnancy

First of all, the interval between pregnancies should be two years. If the first time was diagnosed with "functional CIN", then before re-conceiving the woman will need to apply to the women's clinic, where she will conduct the necessary research and possibly appoint a specific therapy.

When organic CIN treatment depends on the cause of the problem.

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