Diagnosis and treatment of female infertility

Diagnosis and treatment of female infertility.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Woman, dreaming to become pregnant, should not cry into my pillow at night, and seek professional help. As today, in many cases,infertility curable.

You can see a gynecologist in the local consultation, but it is better to go to the profile center for the treatment of infertility. And no one, and together with her husband. Diagnosis of infertility includes a comprehensive examination of both partners.

The diagnosis

First of all, the woman will appoint a pelvic ultrasound, tests for infection and bacteriological crops in the vaginal flora, check hormonal profile, find out if there is problems with the immunological compatibility of partners.

Additional Methods: hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy. It is possible that women need to consult an endocrinologist.

By medical standards, the doctor must diagnose a woman, not later than six months after the start of the survey. By the way, it is more logical in the first place to check forinfertility male partner, it will take less time and cost much less than the survey of women.

What's next?

The main task of infertility treatment — to repair the damage and diseases that led to it: even hormones, restore patency of the fallopian tubes, remove the tumor, to get rid of endometriosis, etc. So follow all the treating doctor, do not pass up the operations. After treatment natural conception occurs in more than 60% of women.

If, despite the best efforts of doctors, get pregnant and did not work, do not despair. Modern medicine gives women a chance to get pregnant even in this case. Need to go to the clinic, which uses techniques of artificial fertilization.

For women who are missing or blocked tubes, polycystic suffering, endometriosis, etc. developed IVF technique — In vitro fertilization. The patient is prescribed drugs that enhance the growth and maturation of oocytes. Then, through the lateral vaginal vault with a special needle pulled derived egg and fertilize them in vitro husband's sperm or donor. The resulting embryos3-5th Day is transferred to the uterus, and a woman prescribe drugs to facilitate engraftment of embryos. Most transferred into the uterus not more than three embryos.

Recently, in women under 35 years of applied methodology selection of embryos (ie, choose only one embryo, but very high quality). This avoids multiple pregnancies. This technique is used only with the consent of patients.

In those cases where the egg can not be obtained, a technique using oocyte donation. A female donor the stimulation of ovulation and it gives your cell a female recipient. Unfortunately, donor oocytes are not many, so they tend to become relatives or acquaintances retsipientki.

When a woman is missing uterus, or there are other reasons why she can not bear a child, use the services of a surrogate mother. The woman has taken an egg fertilized by her husband's sperm is transferred embryo in the uterus "surrogate mother", which bears the pregnancy.

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