Diagnosis and treatment of warts

Diagnosis and treatment of warts.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com


Not all warts can be and should be removed. If they are of small size, are not subject to permanent injury, do not cause discomfort and cosmetic located on the genitals, the operation is not necessary. The basic approach in the treatment of warts is not to cause more harm than the warts themselves. Go to a dermatologist should be handled in the following cases:

  • If you notice a change in the shape warts or it hinders you in your work (for example, when it is located at the tip of a finger);
  • if wart is painful, bleeds, or changed in shape and color;
  • if the wart reached a size greater than the value at the end of a pencil eraser;
  • If you are not sure that your existing education is a wart.


Treatment warts should only be done under the supervision of Dermatologist, because improper treatment can lead to an increase in their numbers. The only way to fight them is to remove warts. Today, there are quite a few methods of their destruction. All the treatments are painless andmethod chosen by the doctor depending on the location and type of warts.

When using electrocautery high frequency current, which causes temperature rise in the tissues and, as a consequence — the destruction of warts.

Laser or wart removal using laser effectively, but can cause scarring.

Cryotherapy is simple and painless. In this case, there is no contact with blood, so that there is no threat of infection. One of its modern varieties is cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.

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