Diagnosis: Anti-Semitism

About anti-Semitism report to public activists of Jewish organizations in the Belarusian regions.
In Krychau Jewish tombstones dumped into the ravine
Domestic anti-Semitism manifests itself in Belarus more reproach of Jewish graves. Pro se case in Mogilev knows correspondent "Liberty" Andrew Belagubav.


Sad results certification cemetery in Borisov
With the certification of the Jewish cemetery in Borisov showed loss from vandalism shortly: "For example, in the cemetery down the street on March 8 at the moment about 60 monuments, fallen and broken. And at the cemetery in ancient town of very many. Specific numbers to call hard."


"Russian part removed, Jewish — terrible"
In Gomel, in most cases suffers from vandals Prudkovskii Jewish part of the cemetery. Explains Managing Jewish community, "Beit Yaakov" Joseph Zholudev:
"Everyone knows the situation in which many destroyed, paints described on the Jewish part of the cemetery in Prudki. Many monuments knocked smashed. Cemetery these absolutely abandoned. Gentile part tidied and Jewish — in a terrible state. We’re going on ifyear will be appropriate, and if not, then in the spring to collect their youth and their efforts to restore order. A city where, in fact, doing nothing. "
"All the same, there will be new monuments"
Chairman of the Union of Jewish Public Associations and Communities Leonid Levin now participated in the mourning rally in Minsk. His outlook:
"Let us now recall makingsmiling. Monument appeared in Slutsk. Monuments created in Mozyr and Vitebsk. Monument opened in Mogilev. Will be in Gomel. But there were not enough. Because the opening will not happen at the moment. But these monuments are. In their presently collect funds. "

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