Dictation in Belarusian already written hundreds of people

Weave people of Belarus have expressed a desire to participate in the first nationwide dictation, timed to the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Only 23 March BPF office and white SocietyRussian language every hour from 11 am to 5 pm people filled all the available seats, you have to write text dictation — an introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus."
Every hour, the song sounded Falcon-Voyusha "Monologue Bogushevich."
People explain their role in the dictation:
Woman: "Dictation — this is our first step towards the Belarusian culture. Belarusians in Now globally write the same words of love to one’s own native language. "
Young Man: "I like the language, the culture of Belarus."
Lady: "This action is the unity of all Belarusians. Not only we, but also abroad. And still the same and the 90th anniversary of the BPR. "
"Belarusian dictation expands Belarusian countryside, because really, the dictation is completed Bogushevich words:" Where is Belarus? Belarus where there Belarusian word ", — says Alexei Marochkin.
Leading mass action clarifies that dictation is not pulling a persecution by the authorities, andthis people willing to join it:
"It’s a psychic event in which people have removed completely terrified for her role in it. Clogged society. And the horror does not allow people to express themselves even in the elections."
Lavon Barshcheuski considers revealing phenomenon that the city refused to give the library reading rooms for writing, dictation:
"Time is still 24 and 25 March. It is possible to write, listening to the radio. My dream is that through year or two was so that in several countries have written dictation. I got the answer that there is in any town library Minsk vacancy for writing, dictation! It is even impossible to comment. "
Since not everyone had to take part in a dictation, it can be write now and tomorrow. Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko together with several of his colleagues will now write a dictation:
"The report-election conference in Vitebsk. We walk towards the exit. But we have brought this item in a day or agenda — at least at home, but take the role of in dictation. "
Not all the opposition agreed to participate in the dictation. Press secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Valery Buffalo explained to his position:
"Well, there may be such a thing, but to show it as a great achievement of the Belarusian culture, or the struggle for liberation — it would be very".
Oleg Korban expressed their worldview:
"I think for young people this dictation is not burning. For example, you could organize a rock concert. And this, I believe, it is not for young people. Remember school," Everything is possible, "two" …
Founders of the first dictation in Belarusian convinced that dictation will write once a year, and it will become not only a national scale.
March 15 dictation wrote most of the representatives of the embassies of the EU and the U.S., as the editors of independent newspapers. Later, it was joined by journalists, politicians, public figures, people of different ages, from children to the elderly. March 23 dictation wrote in Minsk and regional centers.

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