Dictation on the anniversary of the BNR: supporters and skeptics

Lead offers to coincide with the anniversary of the BNR nationwide dictation. How to evaluate the proposal by representatives of different Belarusian society?
Member of the Presidium Supreme Council 12th convocation Peter Sadowski considers the idea of national dictation of course beautiful and worthy of support. But look obvious omissions:
"What I do not like: 1-in-x, Lithuanians have already done, and we — as a Russian" vremechko "Belarusian" young days "…
In-2, from actual experience, knowing our mentality — do not believe in the success of this business.
B-3, the difference between "tarashkevitsa" and school spelling — maybe a small thing, but still … "
Valentine Kudlatskaya, public activist from Verkhnedvinsk refers to the idea of sovereign Podgolov very peacefully:
Exciting proposal, but it is not for the majority of Belarusians can. Since it is not ready now, most people accept, hear this sentence. And to hear and then would write on my eyes, in the main, people are indifferent. Conscious. "
Recognizable Belarusian producer Vitaly Supranovich notes that the proposal — creative. But does not see constructive.
Well, people will sit down to write our conscious. Well, fine. A sense of what? Maybe that will feel a sense of unity that we together? Maybe it’s fine, but my eyes total of at least some of our activities is the promotion, information of new people. "
Also fluctuations philosophical persuasion, Vitaly wonders national dictation technology:
"I can not realize that if this dictation, then who is going to dictate??? If this municipal radio with radio receiving sound …"
Almost answered the question Vitaly activist campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Alexander Taustyka:
If it is an essay, it would be cool.
"And you would have written an essay on what subject?"
Either I love Belarus? Or How I love Belarus? Can be hero in our time "?

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