Dictation went on families

Some families come. In Minsk dictation wrote in BPF office and in the office of the Belarusian Language Society. Dictation accomplished th in the regional centers. In Lida local authorities did not allow people to come together to write a dictation. Boris wrote Khamaida dictation on the square in the center of Vitebsk.
At the office BPF from 11:00 to 5 pm dictation wrote every hour. First were so many people that do not have enough space to all comers. So some had to wait an hour to sit in the hall on the vacant chair.
Dictation from the song began Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha "Monologue Bogushevich." Whereupon started dictation text — Frantisek Bogushevich entry to the book "Fife Belarus."
Text for dictation adapted writer Vladimir Sivchikov:
"It owed text to be sacred and solemn as we dictate to him in prazdnichek. Sami affairs dyktovshchyka and those who write in a certain extent resemble the case of the priest and the congregation.
The manor and BPF office TBM people came with their babies. Dictation wrote Zakonnikova whole family — wife, two daughters, son and grandchildren. Viktor Ivashkevich came with my dad, brother and niece.
"I’m very glad I saw here and sovereign Grib, the creator of our first Constitution. Antonchyk And Sergei, the head of the strike committees and Lyaukovich. Unfortunately, representatives of other parties for some reason ignored, but many other people took part."
The manor BPF suddenly all came several students and students who have not previously participated in public life. Were seen in the midst of present and police officer, who also co-wrote with other text.
Young Man: "I think that whiteRussian language, revival of its writing and dictation — this is not a bad deal. "
Woman: "This dictation something more than the usual spelling of words — it’s like bringing people together, the United Nations for one thing."
Vitebsk Boris Khamaida villages in the central square with a tape recorder and began writing dictation. Police approached him and asked what he was doing. But he did not answer. A few minutes later Boris Khamaida gathered a dozen policemen. After, they made sure that the opposition really writes dictation, then stepped aside. Khamaida said that even some police colonel gave orders that he was not disturbed.
Lavon Barshcheuski hopes that the Belarusian dictation acquire not only a national scale.
"There was an idea to make together with Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, to broaden its scope. Bureaucrats did not come, but if they are given an order, they will come.’s Were ordered to make a" round table "on BNR made and released. Tomorrow, I know our historians will give a lecture to the students of the Academy of Management under the President of the history of the BNR. Maybe the subsequent dictation shaft will cut the bureaucracy. "
March 15 dictation wrote ambassadors, editor of the independent publications and writers in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Later, it was joined by other members. March 25 last day writing, dictation. Tags: BNR anniversary dictation

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