Did Masherova chance to get to the Kremlin?

Relatives of party leader and some historians to this day do not believe in coincidence Masherova death because they believe that capital comrades seriously annoy self-sufficient politician who could lead the Soviet party nomenclature.
Youthful on the background of dilapidated old Kremlin, Peter Masherov profitably looked at the gallery of the Politburo, using human respect and authority. But, says Natalya Masherova daughter party favorite, after as rumors about the imminent transfer Masherova to Moscow as chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the attitude has changed significantly. It became the first opponent to build. Those cases uniformly and jumped in the era-independent Belarus:

And life was uncomfortable, and at the moment

"Prototype, nothing has changed. All the same, even from the Russian era stretches.’s So awkward, out. And when life was uncomfortable, and at the moment. Well, If power compete with that majestic personality as Masherov , so maybe this is rational? Let’s both see. I think correctly read, that power Tipo forgot about it. No. She remembers because he did not want to remember others. Therefore, one should rejoice that there are people on earth who have lived so very massive and life on good terms. Remember everything — so let’s read. In the near future power position themselves separately from men. But this problem is not the people and not Masherova, right? This is the problem of power. Just maybe, actions such as the 90-year anniversary, vykryshtalizovvayuts difficulties. And this is also excellent, which means that very many people left on this earth. And help us. "
Peter Masherov born February 13, 1918 in the village Shirky Senno district, Vitebsk region. In war commanded a guerrilla detachment, was secretary of the regional committee of Komsomol underground. From 1965 — on top party posts in Byelorussia.
Historian Valentin Mazets that delves into the socio-political life in Belarus Russian period, does not believe in what Masherov could ascend to some of the top positions in the Soviet Union. First, because he did not want:
"I analyzed his actual fate. See you or not, but his father was arrested. Yet, himself Masherov was very self-sufficient person. And for the party nomenklatura, communist, which hosted the Kremlin needed someone to control. Because a priori on their merit, he could come up, but their liking, self-awareness and self could not agree more.
Yes partnamenklyatura it just would not accept it as their own. After all, when Gorbachev was chosen, it was verified, own, are agreed, all stages. Regarding Masherova he always this cage dropped. Beginning at least with protests when the Belarusian border hindered various things that were intended for her daughter Brezhnev. Because the situation is twofold.

Partnamenklyatura it simply would not have taken as their own

But certainly, if we consider his economic policies, he tried to save more for the country’s economic sovereignty. Why in Belarus tried to go military retirees, etc.? Since then, he created his own people for the appropriate socio-economic conditions. "
Many believe that the final reversal of the current authorities in Belarus Masherova took place in 2005, when the 60th anniversary of the victory of Alexander Lukashenko gave the order to rename one of the central avenues in Minsk — with Masherova on favorites. Natalia Masherova news that is associated with "paharonkay" father:
"Yes, it can be considered the beginning of the end. On Masherova authorities recall that the crisis when you need to escape. It was then remembered that once and here and there were Near Masherov. But now they do not motivate me. I went to him in the cemetery and want to be here right now, in his father’s apartment, with his family. We sure do right, not the first time I decided to celebrate it day of birth only the middle ones. But remember the call. And at the cemetery, I know, let’s go. And write a memoir — yesterday "Republic" published. People in These days are stopped in the street and they say. Because life lasts, and some feelings zgublenastsi not. And now, at age 90, the father participates in the life of power, the civilian society in the lives of people. And in this I find myself optimistic. "
Vladimir, grandson Masherov grandfather alive not found. But he was so proud of kinship in the jubilee also recalls Masherova:

And now he is involved in the life of power in the lives of people …

"I know, of course. Unfortunately, I have not beheld not found alive. ‘Cause I only know from the photo, from the memoirs of relatives and other people. Unfortunately, while I was bound to work, I can not escape anywhere, but always go to the cemetery, and in the evening with his wife go to their parents … "
It is worth recalling that in Natalia Masherova nedavneshnem past intensely involved in politics, was a member of the House of Representatives. In 2001 balyatavalasya of presidential, but without explaining the background to the elections appeared.

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