Dmitry Kaspyarovich arrested for 12 days

Dmitry detained March 15 traffic policemen. In the trunk of his car found a few packs of stickers "European Belarus". The police drew up a report on Dmitri, accusing neprelichnoy battle. Before the trial was held in the clink Kaspyarovich Akrestsin Street.
In the Tribunal came to the representative of the South American Embassy, Dmitry Kaspyarovich friends, his mother and wife with a six-week old daughter. Dmitry has prepyadstviya spine. March 21 he owed be examined in the medical center, to be was to find whether he needs surgery. He explained to the arbitrator Oksana Relyava that can not stand straight.
Dmitry Kaspiarovich told that on March 15 he stopped by traffic police on Independence Avenue. Initially asked to show a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and alarm symbol. Whereupon offered to show that in the trunk. Litsezrev there a few packs of stickers, they were ordered to go to the police Dmitry Russian region. As explained to the police, needed draw up a report for not passed inspection.
Says Dmitry Kaspiarovich:
"I explained that I was expecting a baby. But at the last moment there was a protocol that I swore to neprelichno employees GAI. This chapter ordered Russian police department. Was not even read by the protocol. Militiamen looked away. States that all themselves understand that they themselves this situation tired, says — I’m sorry, but we obey orders. "
Lawyer Dmitry Svetlana Gorbatok requested the tribunal to restore protocol for revision, as the report on the detention and the protocol drawn up with other legal norms. The arbitrator refused, citing the fact that the violations are corrected during the hearing. As witnesses — traffic police — did not come to the court, the referee made a break in the evening.
The policemen did not let Dmitri and took him back to the station. Protocol on the found stickers in the case file no. According to the views of opposition activist Timothy Dranchuk, it made specifically:
"What they do when found a sticker, did not make the report, it shows that they such makarom decided to steal copies of these labels as a legitimate reason to take them away from them was not. What initially motivated this "boom", and later head of the police department, despite the fact that there was a day off — it indicates, they planned and hoped to find a sticker on the 25th, and if they do not have found, they took stickers on the campaign "European Belarus". Used with all this traditional scheme, he swore at employees GAI obscenities. "
Oksana Relyava referee agreed with the charges and police arrested Dmitry Kaspyarovich for 12 days.
Dmitry wife Daria Moldovanova expressed his outrage:
"Very outraged that my husband was detained, without taking into account that it is unhealthy back, not counting the fact that he has a small child. He needs a father, and I need a husband."
Associates Dmitry Kaspyarovich dubbed his arrest as a preventive measure recently street action.

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