Do we need such generals who can not catch up?

The Council of the European Union for six months visa sanctions stopped for a number of high-ranking Belarusian officials, including Alexander Lukashenko. Listeners "Freedom" continue to speak out on the subject.
Emperor Vladimir"Temporary lifting of sanctions pulls a series of questions. Dwell on one thing:" Neuzh something Europe has forgotten about what happened a few decades around? Then also tried to appease the Europeans leading dictator of Germany, so he started a fight in a westerly direction. But so what happened in fact … Initially, all of Europe was in a terrible fire of war, and later the war came, and our homeland. "
Mrs."Lukashenko adapt to two and more than cattle. However, it would be better to feed the one that gives more milk. A European Union would be better to appreciate yourself up and do not give gifts to various dictators like" What would the child have anything he wants, but not crying. "


The following calls — on the elections:
Emperor Andrew Pinsk"It makes no sense to keep constantly CEC. It is best to save people’s money in the month before the election to convene a group of people who would have the right number of ballots printed, and immediately after the election to dissolve them. Makarom That saves more money from the state budget. Till next election almost three years. possible to say that the CEC will be three years for a reason, and it will spend more money. "

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Prince"I think the election will be held in Azerbaijan, as well as in our ward. Favor some and passed only pro-government candidates. There elect son of Heydar Aliyev in the presidential house. There, as here, the election will not be for another as ceremonial."


Next listener asks:
Prince"The question to Radio Liberty. Heard in Russia will be a reduction of generals and colonels. As for us in Belarus, if you take the KGB, the Interior Ministry, the army, very many in comparison with those Russian colonels and generals. Needed whether such colonels yes generals that even on the bar just can not catch up? "
Answers to the question of policies and past military Statkevich:
"Belarusian army is constantly declining, and its amount is small relative to the total population. Certainly, it is necessary generals and colonels, even if they can not catch up on the bar, because someone has to command the troops. Another thing is that as a part of the power structures of Belarus — a sharp bias towards so-called law enforcement. We immensely huge number of special services and the Ministry of Interior. They at times superior to the army. We have, I believe, eight servicemen and is indescribable skewed. And I think that this part reducing power structures needed for sure. "


Continue aaplet expression about football match between Belarusian and English teams, which took place recently in Minsk:
Mrs."I would like to find out where they teach such commentators as that’s the one that commented on football between the British and our teams."
Continuing the theme of the listener question Paul, sent via SMS: "Where we teach operators, sports journalists, filmmakers?" Responsible sports telekamentatar Vladimir Novitsky:
"Many of our State TV operators received higher education in the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Regarding sports directors, then if I’m not mistaken, they do not cook. But they are prepared in different educational institutions of the former Russian Union. I know that in St. Petersburg has a decent college. As for sports journalists, it is also, as I know, in our country, in the same St. Petersburg, Moscow and no such specialization. But there’s the journalism faculty at BSU. And what next? Next — love sport, sports knowledge, education — all this is useful and effective. "

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